OroGold Cosmetics Products Becoming Increasingly Popular in Canada

OROGOLD Canada is now bringing their premium skin care to residents.  For both men and women alike, the OROGOLD products are much in demand and the Canadian locations make it easier for Canadian consumers to shop for these products “in store” now, rather than just online.  The products are created using liquid gold and are premium products.  Canadians have long waited for great skin care and are now aware of the benefits of taking care of their skin to delay the effects of aging and sun exposure.  Sales within the market of skin care in Canada have been increasing since 2012. 

OROGOLD Canada is aware of this increased need and has established a presence for Canadians. 

The statistics show that the value of the Canadian cosmetics market will increase by billions upon billions of dollars by 2021.  This is a staggering increase, and Canadians obviously are clamouring for premium skin care products and great cosmetics.  Premium products can also be more affordable than individuals may think, as a good product will furnish better results, and last longer, as less of an amount can be used while still establishing good results. 

OROGOLD Canada sells products that are 24K gold infused. 

This is not a new approach to beautiful skin, as Cleopatra is known throughout history for wearing a gold mask while sleeping.  Infusion with gold plumps the skin and gives it a radiant look, thereby decreasing the effects of aging and sun damage.  Although Canadians live in a cooler climate, they are prone to being outdoors which does lead to sun damage even in this cooler climate.  Sun damage can occur at any temperature if individuals spend a great deal of time outdoors. 

OROGOLD Canada consultants do stress a good skin care routine. 

Even the finest products will not work correctly or as effectively as possible unless applied properly and religiously, meaning daily!  A good skin care procedure to follow is to apply the lightest products first, followed by the heavier products.  Heavier products can create a cream barrier which blocks the lighter based products from being absorbed.

OROGOLD Canada knows following this step by step measure ensures better results.

Using products in steps from lighter to heavier increases the chances of good product performance.  Also making sure that a beauty routine is done daily adds to the advantageous results and the efficacy of any product.  Not all products will work for all individuals, as many individuals will not follow the proper procedures and as with everything else, skin texture and amount of skin damage does play a part in results achieved.  OROGOLD Canada premium skin products include masks, moisturizers, peels and specific skin area problem serums such as under eye creams and wrinkle creams.  Consultants will readily assist any customer in evaluating which products are best for their individual needs.

About OROGOLD Cosmetics Canada

OROGOLD Canada is a distributor of the premium gold-based products produced by OROGOLD cosmetics.  This line of skin care is welcomed in Canada and there are products geared to all types of skin.  The line includes products suitable for both men and women.  There are several locations within the GTA, so individual store hours can vary.  Phone numbers exist for all locations as does email and a toll-free phone number.  Customers are encouraged to visit and just browse, and a blog exists with great skin care tips on the website.  All locations are very conveniently located. 

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