Oregon Author Savannah Thomas Releases New Contemporary Romance – #Blocked: A Social Media Love Story

Oregon Author Savannah Thomas Releases New Contemporary Romance - #Blocked: A Social Media Love Story

Author Savannah Thomas is pleased to announce the release of her new contemporary romance, #Blocked: A Social Media Love Story. Released by Satin Romance in December 2020, the book is already receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers.

Fashion influencer, Winter Smith, portrays a picture-perfect lifestyle to her many followers. In reality, she’s plagued by anxiety, panic attacks, and the memories of an abusive past relationship. Winter’s best friend Mia, a health and fitness influencer, finally convinces her to get out of the house and attend the grand opening of a hipster-tech bowling alley in Portland, Oregon. There she meets the charming, tattoo-covered owner, Bo Blaine. No matter how hard she resists, Winter can’t deny the electricity between them.

When Bo Blaine, the youngest member of the powerful Pacific Northwest Blaine family, meets Winter Smith, he’s instantly infatuated. Their connection is undeniable, but when he tries to contact her again, he hits a brick wall. Email. Phone. App. Every social media platform. BLOCKED. Bo has worked hard to shake his “bad boy” reputation, but he knows that anything posted or written about him online will be there forever.

How can Bo convince Winter that he’s more than his digital footprint? And if he ever does get unblocked online and IRL, will the demons of both of their pasts derail what they could have together?

#Blocked: A Social Media Love Story is available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

Book Information:

A Social Media Love Story
By Savannah Thomas
Publisher: Satin Romance
Published: December 2020
ISBN: 978-1953735195 (print)
ISBN: 978-1953735201 (ebook)
Pages: 290
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About the Author:       

Savannah Thomas was born and raised in Podunk*, Oregon. She escaped her self-diagnosed Prison of Shyness Disorder by self-medicating with daily doses of Head in the Clouds antibiotics. Her severe daydreaming turned into poetry and story writing and at the age of 15 she was published in Anthology of Poetry for Young Americans. Years later she sold a story about her mother’s mental illness to the now defunct Elle Girl (the younger sibling to Elle magazine), and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. Savannah has an affinity for creating tantalizing worlds with relatable characters, particularly in the romance and fantasy genres. Besides her passion for writing, Savannah loves making music, acting (check out her imdb page!), listening to podcasts, playing video games, and snuggling with her cat Jessie.

*Not actual name of town


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