Orange County Veteran And Military Families Collaborative Is Positively Impacting Hundreds Of Vulnerable Veterans

More than 200 veterans are under their care receiving support and getting sustainability packages. They work with other organizations to help veterans get new skills and jobs

Orange County Veteran and Military Families Collaborative (OCVMFC) is all about service to Veterans and their Families. The charity organization is dedicated to the welfare of veterans, with the desire to help them live a better life in Orange County, California.

OCVMFC is currently housing over 200 veterans, helping them meet their needs and being the source of hope and joy. They pay move-in expenses such as security deposits, application fees, refrigerators, furniture, and upward of 9 months of rental assistance.

Because of COVID-19, they have gotten over 100 homeless Veterans off the streets to the hotel to avoid getting the virus. Every week, these veterans get food boxes from the organization so that they could cook and eat.

OCVMFC is also about generating opportunities and solutions so that veterans can start over and re-integrate into society. They do this by connecting them with other supportive services to improve their job skills, receive counseling, and have a better shot at happiness.

Through active community engagement and efforts, the non-profit also offers help in legal, access to government resources, health and wellness, and education.

Some of the organizations they have collaborated with and are helping them achieve successes include Volunteers of America L.A., 1736 Family Crisis, Goodwill, Jamboree Housing, U.S. Vets, to name a few.

Last year alone, OCVMFC has assisted over 400 homeless Veterans, getting them off the streets and housing them for safety and security. Veterans in Orange County are responsible citizens who have sacrificed part of their life to maintain peace in the world, and they deserve all the help they can get.

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