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Starting a business is hard. The endeavor is replete with stumbling blocks and seemingly insurmountable challenges. There is business planning, initial capitalization, asset requisition and expenditure, hiring, getting permits, and licenses, just to name a few. And those are just before actual business operations because once things are running, more issues come into play: production concerns, daily operations, financial management, and so on.

To get a stable influx of sales, new businesses have to employ some level of marketing. Most small business owners opt to do it themselves via social media. It is a decision that is easy to understand. It is the most popular medium; almost everybody is on social media. All social media platforms provide free usage. And using social media is familiar, at least when it comes to using it for personal reasons.

But most new businesses underestimate the type and amount of work needed to make a good business presence in social media. Business owners can quickly realize the challenges of running an effective social media campaign.

The first challenge is finding the correct social media platform. There are many to choose from, each with its advantage. Of course, a business owner can just choose from the most popular social media platform to operate on, namely Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But even with just those three, they come with a lot of considerations: each has its own media style, demographics, user behavior, content structure, and analytics.

Why settle for just one social media platform you may ask. Why not market on all three (or more)? Then there comes the question of time. According to marketing experts, for a social media campaign to be successful, it needs at least all the waking hours for daily implementation and administration. A business owner of a start-up will not have that much time to operate a social media campaign given the other things he/she needs to do for his/her business as previously elaborated.

And then of course there’s the challenge of creating the social media campaign itself. Like running a business, executing a proper campaign involves planning and scheduling, creative production work, content execution, account management and administration, and data analytics. Social media marketing needs to be done right if its expected results (raise brand awareness, promote interests, and increase sales) are to be achieved.

The recommended thing to do for business starters is to invest in professional marketing services. Seasoned businesses and long-time companies have long known that professional marketing is a requirement for business stability and growth.

This leads business starters to the next question: who to get for professional social media marketing services? Getting the right professional digital marketing services is yet another challenge for business starters. Many agencies offer professional digital marketing services, although not all specialize in promoting small businesses and start-up companies in social media. Fortunately, there is Online Education Success.

Online Education Success offers what new businesses and start-ups exactly need: its Social Media Advertising Starter Package. This digital marketing package has been tailored to help a business grow by creating a robust social media presence for them.

Social Media Advertising Starter Package from Online Education Success is unique as it is focused on brand-building, increasing following, and improving incoming customer traffic whether it is to a website or transaction with an actual brick-and-mortar store.

Included with the Social Media Advertising Starter Package is a consultation session with the client start-up business. This is when the marketing parameters are fleshed out: What is the brand? What is the business model? What are the products and services offered? Who are the target demographics? Who is the competition? What kind of results are expected from the campaign?
Once the details are realized, they are distilled into the best-fitting and highly creative social media content plan. The content plan is the marketing strategy to get the business off the ground in social media. The strategy also involves implementation and accounts monitoring.

Social Media Advertising Starter Package from Online Education Success answers all the challenges of promoting a business through social media. Online Education Success can recommend the most appropriate social media platform for a particular client. It has the experience and knowledge to formulate and execute a winning social media strategy. And most importantly, it will allow the client to concentrate more on running his/her newly found business.

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