Online Food Delivery in Toronto A New Way of Eating

The work week is long, and the kids are turning the personal vehicle into a taxi cab. As parents, business professionals, and just downright tired people, how do we get a healthy diet at home? Too many times we hit the drive-thru and grab the greasiest, high-calorie meal we can get. A lifetime of these poor choices can lead to a borage of health problems later on. Well, there is a solution!

Who is Healthee Kitchen?

Welcome Healthee Kitchen into your home. Healthee Kitchen is a business with a vision. They believe “ we are what we eat” as stated by Hippocrates. They are striving to help Canada become a healthier nation one kitchen at a time. Each meal has the right amounts of vitamins and minerals needed for people to live their lives to the fullest. Because of our hectic society today, time for making quality meals is limited. The owners of Healthee Kitchen strive to step in and take on that task for others.

Professional Chefs

Healthee Kitchen has an incredible staff of professional chefs ready to prepare delicious, healthy meals for those overworked, tired, or the just-want-someone-else-to-cook-for-once people.

How does it work?

  • Choose meal plan
  • Order online (daily, weekly, or monthly orders are available)
  • Then, your order is delivered to you between 7 pm and 11:59 pm the next day.

Wow, that’s easy right!

What are the Meal Plans?

Healthee Kitchen has three meal plans to choose from:

Each of these meal plans are put together with calories in mind. The customer can look at the menus available in order to choose meals they will enjoy. So, let the chefs do all the calculating and cooking while relaxation happens.

Healthee Kitchen offers two other offers to their customers as well.

Business Lunch Offer

First, they will deliver twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday, a business lunch. The staff of those businesses participating will be happy workers, and happy employees produce better work. The cost for this service is just $25.00 a day.

What a deal, right!

Free delivery Offer

The next great deal Healthee Kitchen offers is even better! When an order is placed for a full day meal, which includes the three meals and two snacks, one-day, free daily delivery is given to the customer.

Healthee Kitchen is a fantastic way to live life to the fullest all while eating healthy meals prepared by professional chefs!

About Healthee Kitchen

Healthee Kitchen is a meal delivery service on a mission to make Canada a nation of healthy people. They take out all the work it takes to prepare healthy meals on your own. With the use of nutritionists and professional chefs, Canadians can rest easy knowing that what they are putting into their bodies are helping them lead healthy, full lives. ​Healthee Kitchen ​is there for you!

Media Contact
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