Choosing the Right Drug Treatment Facility in Vancouver

When a loved one has an addiction and needs help, one of the biggest choices is where to go for that help. A few factors need to be taken into account:

  1. What kind of treatment is available? Make sure that the place chosen is experienced in treating the type of addiction that the individual is suffering from.
  2. Review the facility. Find out if the place is a good fit. The center should be a place that is welcoming, not sterile. This is part of the process that Inspire Change Wellness provides.
  3. How long is the treatment program? The optimum time for treatment is typically a 90-day term. There are shorter treatment programs, like 30- or 60-day programs, but it can take longer for the patient to understand the changes they need to make in order to recover and a 90-day program gives them extra time for physical and mental healing.
  4. Distance. How close is the treatment center? During recovery, the family is invited to take part in the process. With more support from the family members, there is a higher chance of the recovery’s success.

One of the ways to investigate is to go to the online site to see what Inspire Change Wellness is about:

Information on different types of addiction, what medical side effects might be, and what to expect during the recovery process are all things to take into consideration. There are many different types of addiction, and of course, many different treatment approaches. A first step would be to talk to someone from the treatment center who will be able to discuss the types of treatment available, and what kinds of treatment is offered for each one.

Contact the center toll-free at (888) 277-2145

The associates at the center can give ideas on what to bring when signing up for treatment. When signing in, bring items such as a birth certificate or identification, clothes, and books to read while there. Consider also bringing photographs, for these will help to remind the patient of their goals to succeed in recovering from the addiction. It’s easy to get sidetracked when trying to process all of the information being learned while taking this new start to recovery, and more importantly, how to stay in recovery after leaving the center.

What to expect:

The patient and family will be given a tour of the facility and will be shown where the patient will be staying while in treatment. The staff will be introduced, and, after the family members leave, there will be a meeting with other residents and an opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting to discuss any difficulties. All clients receive dignity and respect. There is no judgment by the staff. Recovery is not simple, but it can be achieved.

About the Company:

Inspire Change Wellness Centre is dedicated to treating the individual, not just the addiction. They understand that each treatment program needs to be tailored to individual needs, and they are ready to meet every challenge with their patients. Their program is a men-only program, making talking more comfortable than in front of a co-ed facility. They proudly guarantee our success with aftercare.

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