One on One with Sheikh Dr. Abu Al-Hareth To Bring A Livelihood (جلب الرزق)

The Kingdom of Sheikh Dr. Abu Al-Hareth for Spirituality and Astronomy is a place of mysteries and white magic. The kingdom has actively helped thousands of hopeless and helpless individuals change their lives through the best treat of black magic of any kind (علاج السحر).

The kingdom now makes available the rare opportunity to encounter the mystical powers of the Sheikh / Dr. in a one on one session. This offer is for the first few people that the sheikh can accommodate into his tight schedule. The offer is also for a limited time and is open to the general public.

The Kingdom of Sheikh Dr. Abu Al-Hareth for Spirituality and Astronomy was founded over 10 years ago by the enigmatic Sheikh Dr. Abu Al-Hareth with the sole purpose of helping ordinary people connect with the magic that holds the world together and uses that magic to their advantage. Over the years of his practice, he has helped thousands of people find their fortune, bring a livelihood (جلب الرزق) and bring your beloved (جلب الحبيب) back. His reputation as one of the most powerful mystics in the world precedes him. The sheikh has now decided to extend personal one on one sessions to a very few people. This offer, which is open to the general public, would help people have a direct encounter with the Sheikh and give them the opportunity to have their most pressing challenges addressed instantaneously.

This was made known by Sheikh Dr. Abu Al-Hareth himself, during a rare interview with a popular magazine. When he was asked about his work and how it has impacted people, he was quick to point out several hopeless cases that have been brought to him and how he was able, with magic, to turn them around. The sheikh said, “Magic is all around us. If you do not know how to harness it, it becomes a big problem. For example, dreams and dream interpretation (تفسير الأحلام) are one of the greatest magic in the universe, but most people don’t know how to harness it. If you want to interpret your dream (فسر حلمك) with spiritual accuracy, then come to me.” He also said, “I do not do this too often, but I am opening my doors to the first several fortunate people who would want to have a one on one with me.”

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Some persons who were interviewed about the magical powers of the spiritual master (شيخ روحاني) have shed more light on the work of the shaman. One who opted to be anonymous said, “I met Dr. Abu Al-Hareth a few years ago. My encounter with him instantly opened my fortune. But before then, I had read his book Shams al-Ma’arif (شمس المعارف) and discovered several possibilities I didn’t know could be possible. Since then, I have increased my fortune. I have also seen him firsthand conducting treatment of possession (علاج التابعة). I also got the best spiritual ring (خاتم روحاني) I have ever had.

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