Many Differing Approaches Need to be Used in Elder Law Matters

Attorney Donald F. Hawbaker provides the experience in all matters of Elder Law needed to effectively serve the elderly population in Griffin, Georgia and the surrounding areas.  Elder Law requires a great deal of experience and encompasses the varied methodologies and knowledge needed to effectively serve an aging population.  Legal needs that existed when younger do not take into consideration the needs of the elderly oftentimes.  From insurance issues, to disability and lower income levels, the elderly can need a seasoned specialized attorney.  Legal and medical issues increase, not decrease as individuals age. 

Georgia’s elderly population is exploding and the need for good legal representation is increasing. 

Over one million citizens of Georgia are now 65 years of age or older.  The next two decades are forecast to see this population increase by almost double.   This is leading to an increase in the demand for attorneys that can specialize in all aspects of Elder Law, from wills and estates, to wealth management and financial planning.  Asset management can come into play and older individuals may own one or many properties outright.  Individuals may choose to downsize their living quarters as they age and therefore an attorney who also is versed in Real Estate Law and Elder Law is possibly a good choice.  Management of huge properties can become more difficult as individuals age. 

No matter what the income level, senior citizens have many legal diverse needs.

Elder law attorneys not only deal with the future needsof their aging clientele, but also must many times deal with the day to day issues such as health care and possible assisted living adjustments and daily living issues within facilities.  Having an attorney that is knowledgeable in both future planning and daily living for this target audience is a must have.  Documents that are necessary should be kept not only by family members but by a trusted attorney in this field.  The necessary documents should be prepared by an attorney well versed in the field of Elder Law.  Each family member that is involved in the futures of the elderly should know this attorney’s name and have their contact info, especially if a family member is also a POA (Power of Attorney). Being an individual’s POA takes a great deal of attention and diligence and an attorney versed in Elder Law can explain all this.  There are different types of POA, medical, financial and durable.  All types need discussion with a knowledgeable attorney.  Elder Law in general can be more complicated in all areas.

Careful choosing of an Elder Law Attorney in Georgia is necessary.

Not only does Georgia have specific requirements regarding POA (Power of Attorney) as well as other state laws regarding wills and living wills, but any attorney practicing Elder Law in Georgia may find themselves being considered for guardianship of their clients also at some point.  In order to protect its senior population, practicing law for seniors in Georgia requires specific knowledge of the state law requirements.

Overall, being well versed in Elder Law takes a seasoned attorney or law firm in this type of law.

Seniors in Georgia and elsewhere across the United States need to plan judiciously for their futures as they age.  Aging is a complex issue and demands a skill set and knowledge that attorneys dealing with Elder Law should have.  Research should be done into attorneys before the need for one becomes apparent. 

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This attorney in Griffin, Georgia specializes in Elder Law, with due diligence and the guiding principle that if necessary, a civil trial may be necessary to protect his clients’ rights.  He is well versed in estate planning and all avenues of Elder Law and is also knowledgeable about Veteran Affairs. His services include estate management, probates, wills, trusts, and all other aspects of law for seniors.  There is an online form, email, and a phone for contact. 

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