Nuell Martin’s ambient and experimental is perfect for those who like thought-provoking and mesmerizing music

Nuell Martin is an artist and performer currently based in Spain. His genre-bending music that shuffles between ambient, electronic and experimental music holds no language barrier and has a global appeal. He creates the kind of music that one would like to listen to it in a mood of awakening their mind to deep thoughts and build a higher perspective on life. Those who’re fans of artists like Solar Fields, Boards of Canada and Carbon-based Lifeforms will enjoy Nuell’s unique style and compositional aptitude. What makes Nuell’s music truly stand out is the cinematic sounds combined with sonic storytelling that transports the listener into a different state and creates an amazing mood.

Nuell is highly influenced by electronic music from the ’70s and ’80s and grown up listening to artists like Vangelis and Jarre. Talking about what inspired him to be a musician, Nuell says, “Once I had the opportunity to put my hands on a Korg Polisix, I started feeling I had to produce this music instead of simply listen to it. Technically speaking, my BIG influence was Alan Parsons. I spent much time analyzing his records and the way he brilliantly produced music. Vangelis showed me the music and Alan Parsons, the way to produce it.”

As a result of Nuell’s devotion to the work of Alan Parsons and his secondary passion as an amateur novel writer, he takes up every release as a conceptual album. He first imagines a story and produces the soundtrack for it, which is why the listener is able to connect with it. His music allows the listener the ability to create their own personal story and get lost in their imaginations as the song progresses.

Nuell is currently producing music as an independent artist but if the right label comes along, he is open to partnerships. He has released three albums so far, namely, Numushda, Operation Bifrost and his latest release Ice.

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