Nuclear Cardiology Can Help To Diagnose A Number Of Potential Heart Issues

Heart health is often at the very core of our physical health. Although many parts of our body can lay claim to being of paramount importance in keeping ourselves going on a daily basis, only perhaps the brain can challenge the heart as the most important part of our body.

The experts over at Bay College Clinic have been extolling the benefits of nuclear cardiology as a method of assessing heart health and looking for heart problems.

“Understandably, some people can be concerned when the hear the word nuclear” a spokesperson stated “but nuclear cardiology as a safe, effective and efficient method of assessing blood flow and heart health in general.”

“Nuclear cardiology involves the use of dye with radioactive properties, but at a totally safe level, that means the action of the heart can be stress tested and problems investigated. We will do this while you are at rest and then also while you are in motion. The latter part will usually involve the patient, according to their general health, walking or running on a treadmill to encourage exertion and to see the heart working”.

“Because it is a non-invasive method of testing, patients are often less stressed when undergoing tests on their heart, which can help patients to feel more relaxed. It also provides more valuable information more easily than many other older, invasive methods”.

“Using this radioactive dye with a technique called perfusion imaging “the spokesperson continued “means that the myocardial blood flow of your heart can be examined. This enables us to show either where blood flow may have been restricted or stopped in the heart. Nuclear cardiology can help to show an image of any damage the heart has received, or precisely where within a heart that a heart attack has taken place, helping to give valuable information for subsequent treatment of the problem”.

Nuclear cardiology can help to diagnose a number of potential heart issues, including coronary artery disease. It can also be used to help diagnose cardiac ischemia, which happens when the flow of blood has been compromised and therefore there is less oxygen available in the heart”.

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