NTI Blockchain, Inc. Adopts Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies to Offer New Blockchain based Solutions to Small Businesses

Los Angeles, CA – January 9, 2018 – NTI Blockchain, Inc., the provider of software and database solutions, has announced that it is adopting blockchain as part of its solution offerings to small businesses. The company expects that, blockchain and crypto-currencies based on the technology, though currently witnessing a period of hype and intense global attention, are expected to settle down and impact the way businesses operate in the near future.

NTI Blockchain has actively worked with small businesses since its foundation in 1987, and is now moving ahead with the times. The company will offer blockchain and smart contract based solutions to small businesses owing to the trust factor that the technology offers with decentralized, block transactions, something which is lacking in existing systems.

“Blockchain and smart contracts are disruptive technologies which will alter how we transact by bringing trust to an untrusting world. We at NTI Blockchain, Inc. are committed to advancing the adoption in our everyday lives,” said Nicko Trataris of Blockchain, Inc.

The true impact of crypto-currencies will be felt once the hype surrounding the digital currency settles down. NTI Blockchain has witnessed proof of actual implementation of blockchain in various business environments, and believes that there is a long term future for blockchain technology, Smart Contracts and cryptocurrencies. The company is also engaging in crypto-currency mining as an overall strategy.

By adopting blockchain, smart contracts and crypto-currencies, Blockchain, Inc aims to offer as part of its solutions high in demand factors such as speed, lower costs and trust. Blockchain’s wide popularity is partly due to the way it has dramatically lowered cost of transactions, especially in real estate. NTI Blockchain’s solutions will continue to evolve further with blockchain, and new updates are expected to be released in July 2018.

About NTI Blockchain, Inc

NTI Blockchain, Inc. was started in Los Angeles, California in 1987 as a computer solutions provider. We have been offering software and database development solutions for 31 years. We are adding Blockchain Technology as we have seen proof of actual implementations in various business environments. Our products will evolve with time and acceptance and the realization that this technology is here to stay and offers many benefits like speed, lower costs and trust.

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