French Entertainer and Performer Mickael Bellemene to Mesmerize Audiences in Singapore and China

January 9, 2018 – International juggler par excellence Mickael Bellemene is back in Singapore, and this time permanently to take celebrations to the pinnacle of thrill and excitement. The French performer known for his masterly acts with hoops, crystal balls, laser beams and more, will be available for show bookings for the Chinese New Year to add the quintessential French charm and finesse to each show.

The Dog Year, the year of man’s best friend, is not too far away, and Mickael has made himself available after an overwhelming response to his acts in Singapore. The visual entertainer extraordinaire is the best way to impress clients by selecting from his vast repertoire of customized and specialty performances. These include hoop manipulation, laser man shows, crystal ball, fire staff and fireworks and diabolos.

“I juggle life; across the planet, with crystal balls, diabolos, hoops and laser beams. Self-taught, I left home at 17 to discover the world – first the United Kingdom, then the most diverse audiences in Asia and around the world,” says Mickael.

After doing a plethora of street shows, international brands, up-market clients, private parties, television, Disney and more, Mickael has emerged as Singapore’s favorite French performer for the sheer brilliance and dexterity of his acts. Mickael and his team are currently the leading producers of exclusive entertainment, working closely with clients and their team to create signature shows that fit virtually any theme the client wishes to bring to life. 

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