Now on Kickstarter, Littoral Zone, a Percussion Work by Julian Gerstin

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a campaign to produce a collection of seventeen percussion pieces about mollusks.

Julian Gerstin, a percussionist and composer from Brattleboro, Vermont, has announced an exciting new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to showcase his musical talents. An artist acclaimed for his cross-national work, Gerstin has worked with musicians around the world and recently finished recording his new project, Littoral Zone, a collection of seventeen percussion pieces about mollusks.

For the past three years, Gerstin has been recording this project, bringing his artistic and creative talents together with a lifelong love of squishy, slimy creatures. One tracks is dedicated to the aptly named Voluta musica; another to Littorina littorea, a beloved periwinkle that tenaciously clings to rocks at the waterline; yet another to Janthina janthina, which floats around the world’s oceans in a nest of bubbles. Gerstin’s first solo release draws from personal experiences with folkloric and band styles from around the world, including Cuba, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Turkey, Egypt, and Bulgaria. Littoral Zone explores these classic traditions with rhythms, instrumentations, and musical forms reinvented for a one-of-a-kind experience.

For a limited time, hear samples from Littoral Zone and support the project on Kickstarter here:

Funds raised from the campaign will be used to directly support the project, including associated production and distribution costs. Support the project for as little as $8 to receive a Littoral Zone digital download, or pledge $25 or more to receive a Littoral Zone CD or download with two accompanying CDs of the Julian Gerstin Sextet, The One Who Makes You Happy and The Old City. Other reward options are available, so visit the Kickstarter campaign page for additional details.


Julian Gerstin is a percussionist and composer from Brattleboro, Vermont. His jazz sextet, the Julian Gerstin Sextet, has released two CDs, The One Who Makes You Happy and The Old City. Playing with musicians around the world, Gerstin has recorded with the afrobeat band Kotoja, South Africa’s Zulu Spear, jazz experimentalist Joel Harrison, and Puerto Rican folkloric ensemble Bomba de Aquí. 

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