Now on Kickstarter, AE2 Protective Eyewear Shields Against Blue Screens and Electromagnetic Signals

(Hong Kong, October 31, 2017) – Both kids and adults today are virtually flooded with electromagnetic signals emanating from smart phones, wi-fi devices, and public wireless services. On top of this, there is also the blue light emanating from glaring screens and monitors to contend with. A new range of eyewear, AE2, is now active on Kickstarter to offer specially built glasses to protect users from the harmful effects of radiation.

Digital eye fatigue is a real issue, and so are the unhealthy effects of overexposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). Electric fields vary with voltage, and magnetic fields are produced wherever electric current flows. Overexposure to EMF can cause headaches, anxiety, sleep disorders, learning disabilities and other syndromes, while blue light effects include blurred vision, headache, and redness and irritation of eyes.

The AE2 anti-radiation glasses come in various styles, colors and frame sizes for kids and adults. Made with high quality and durable enforced barrel hinges, the glasses filter blue light with a locking lens and reduce eye fatigue. A military grade copper wire mesh flows inside the frames to block radiation. The lenses are highly functional, and also reduce the risk of maculopathy. The materials used are certificated to block electromagnetic waves effectively, and have been used in the cable circuits, laboratories and computer rooms and EMI shielding.

“It’s not just adults who spend their days staring at screens. Nowadays in the US, almost 97% percent of children age four and up use mobile devices too. That’s why we developed the AE2 line of eyeglasses for children and adults,” said a Double Black founder Brian.C.

The modern lifestyle cannot be imagined without tech gadgets and device, all of which today utilize wi-fi and electromagnetic signals and carry screens for visual interaction. More than their presence, it is the regular and heavy use of such devices at home and work and during travel, and this virtually goes on the entire day.

AE2 eyeglasses are meant to protect users from the unknown dangers of overexposure to EMF and blue screens. Just as use sunglasses to protect from harmful UV rays, the AE2 glasses allow users to stay safe while being connected.

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