Mixologist World introduces the perfect kit for perfect wine taste

Wood Stopper, Cleaning Brush, Aerator Drying Stand – all in a Deluxe Hardcover Box

Los Angeles, Romania – October 31, 2017 – Mixologist World, the aroma driven company that enriches the passion of wine lovers, announces the launching of a new Wine Decanter Set. The Deluxe Kit is available at an incredible price and in a brand new format. It includes a Wood Stopper specially designed to maintain the flavour, a professional decanter Cleaning Brush and an Aerator Drying Stand. The company made the decision to launch this kit based on well known customer needs.

Red wine lovers all over the world have been looking for the perfect solution to secure the aroma of their favourite liquor and from now on they will have the possibility to do just that! The company engineered the perfect taste and created the perfect tools to accompany the Wine Decanter Glass Carafe.
The Mixologist World wine decanter made of an enduring, long lasting glass, which will not break any time soon, is now completed by these accessories and offered in a special Hardcover Wine Story Book.

The company recognizes the importance of the balance between aroma, design and professionalism.  That is why they used only the best materials and work procedures in giving life to this brand new set. The blend between the hand blown lead free glass, carved wood and steel harmonizes not only the appearance of this unique kit, but also the taste of the wine that will be kept in the professional crystal container.

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Mixologist World is a is a renowned brand with a real passion for special drinks and wine in particular. The company specializes in best stainless steel insulated coffee mug with lid & handle, best cocktail shaker bar sets, bar accessories set & wine rack holder. At Mixologist World, you will discover the true meaning of passion for designing, building and selling the world’s best bar tool.

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