Now On Kickstarter, A New Christmas Tale Perfect for the Holidays

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a new holiday film inspired by Italian American culture and South Philadelphia.

Nick Gregorio, a producer and director based in Burbank, CA, has announced an exciting new crowdfunding campaign for his upcoming film project, “Christmas Eve.” This unique new narrative film will be based heavily on the stories of two Italian American families and follow their growth from the late 70s up to the early 2000s. Much of the film will be based on Gregorio’s own family and personal experiences growing up in South Philadelphia, paired with a realistic portrayal of Italian American culture.

With “Christmas Eve,” Gregorio aims to represent South Philadelphia accurately based on the memories from his upbringing — something many other movies have not been able to represent successfully. It will display South Philadelphia as it truly is and capture the “certain way of doing things” its people live by.

With a total goal of $300,000, earnings gathered from the campaign will be used to fund the film’s production entirely. While Gregorio already has the tools and team necessary to film, he still requires a large enough budget to deliver the final product. Backers have until January 5, 2020, to pledge their support for the film. Donations of $20 or more will secure backers a ticket to a digital screening of the film once it is completed.

Individuals interested in funding this cultural film project can visit the campaign’s Kickstarter page at:


“Christmas Eve” is an upcoming film produced and directed by Nick Gregorio, a filmmaker in Burbank, CA. Gregorio’s previous experience involves hundreds of productions for DC and WB comics, as well as two individual feature-length films. With a diverse array of experience and a capable team, Gregorio hopes to make “Christmas Eve” an accurate and culturally rich movie perfect for the holidays.

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