Novel Explores the Aftermath of War on Relationships and Faith

Enumclaw, WA – Seen through a young woman’s search for healing and meaning, Sealed and Delivered (Redemption Press, 2016) is a novel of redemption in the aftermath of war’s devastating effects.

Annah considers her life ideal until an IED leaves her Marine husband severely disfigured. Terrified to lose the life she bargained for, and determined to make her own happiness, Annah walks away from Rey. She tries to reclaim meaning in her life through travel, work, and relationships. Through the window of her poignant and fiercely honest letters to her ex, Annah reflects on her struggles to find love, reclaim her abandoned faith, and recover hope for the future.

The Rev. Dr. David A Baer, President and CEO of the Overseas Council calls the book “profound” and “ultimately breathtaking.” He says, “Here are philosophy, theology, love, logic, tears, and resurrection.”

Major General Dondi E. Costin, Chaplain, U. S. Air Force says, “Sealed and Delivered is much more than a mere novel; it’s a captivating delivery vehicle for ancient wisdom applied to contemporary life. In so many ways, only Rosalind Ziccardi could have written this book. Her three-plus decades as a military spouse equip her to divulge the ravages of war from the front row. Her training as a theologian and hands-on experience as a minister converge to tell the story as only one who has ‘heard it all’ could do.”

This is the story of a young woman who finds peace in the midst of her questions and realizes the love she sought was always reaching out to her. Anyone who has been touched by the aftermath of war, or the effect of disabling traumatic injuries on relationships will find this story riveting.

Author Rosalind Ziccardi, who has a B.A. in Literature, and a Master of Divinity, was ordained in 1988. She and her husband, a U. S. Air Force Chaplain, had assignments to Italy, Germany, England and Japan, as well as the U. S. She says, “I wrote this book to plumb the depths of relationship and isolation, faith and doubt, suffering and healing, forgiveness and love—both human and divine.”

Sealed and Delivered is available in paperback from Redemption Press and in Kindle format.

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