Saudi Arabia’s New Hiring Policies Usher A Wave Of Uncertainty Among Expats, Offer Insights To The Current Situation has been offering their Saudi visa services for multiple years in London and have watched the Saudi foreign workers’ scenario evolve with the passing time. Recently, Saudi Arabia’s government announced a change in hiring policies and rules that have received mixed emotions from locals and the expat community locally. The new policy: Saudisation – Saudization or Saudisation of the workforce—the replacement of foreign workers with Saudi nationals in the private sector—is the official national policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While many Saudis are employed by the government, there are not enough jobs for the growing number of youth.

Declining oil reserves and the slump in oil prices are two of the main reasons behind the new policy, to shift the oil reliant economy to a more diversified state the local Saudis are expected to play their part. However, experts believe that this process may not be as easy as it may sound.  Foreign workers and expats constitute a large portion of the Saudi workforce including labor and managerial force, whereas a portion of the locals are not accustomed to working at such jobs. Experts are forecasting that although an increasing number of locals may be joining the workforce, the companies will continue to hire and retain their expat workers by paying a fee to bypass the hiring rule. The fees from the companies and a possible move of the government to allow foreign workers to earn a permanent residency are expected to earn Saudi Arabia billions of dollar in much needed revenue.

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SaudiVisas is based in central London, ten minutes from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. We are professional visa service consultants and have been specialising in obtaining visas on behalf of UK travellers for many years now. We provide a fully personalised service for both large corporate organisations and individuals.

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