Nouveau’s Construction Solutions Key to Saving Lives

Nouveau’s Construction Solutions Key to Saving Lives

Public Safety DAS and ERRC system
ERRC systems essential for buildings during emergency situations

Carrollton, Texas – One of the main concerns of any property owner should be the safety of everyone coming in and out of their building. Aside from being an integral part of keeping the building up to code, building technology services can also protect human life every single day. Nouveau is prepared to help install any public safety distributed antenna system to keep everyone safe and sound. DAS communications can mean the difference between life and death.

“At Nouveau, we work closely with the FCC, carriers, and the client’s county and city government officials to ensure that each Emergency DAS solution meets industry standards, and is up to code,” says Nouveau’s director of sales, Mike Murad. “We are experienced in providing cellular coverage for all carriers and emergency services with crucial communications via First Responders P25, Emergency Responders Radio Communication (ERRC) systems, and FirstNet.”

DAS construction is just one of the many services that Nouveau offers to its clients. Their team of seasoned project managers has tackled a variety of projects, including renovations, upgrades, and brand-new construction projects. With their technology services, they can install an entirely new DAS emergency system or upgrade the existing system to fit it to your building’s needs. Maintaining your public safety DAS has never been easier with Nouveau’s expert help.

“You’ve found a single source for all of your telecom infrastructure needs. We provide design, implementation, and support throughout the life cycle of your facility, whether it’s a single building or several ones,” says Nouveau’s Mike Murad. “Our technology team works hand in hand with our construction crew and technicians in order to build novel, cost-effective solutions.”

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