Nothing Makes an Individual Look and Feel as Healthy and Beautiful as a Great Looking Tan

A wonderful feeling washes over an individual when they treat themselves to a natural looking tan.  Tanned skin looks healthy and attractive and can lift the spirits immensely, even in the dead of winter.  Gotham Glow of New York City, NY, understands this and offers all types of spray-tanning packages that will suit individual needs.  Spray tanning is not new but has been around for decades.  However, it is now much more natural looking than it was when it first became popular.  Also called an artificial tan, it imparts the same glow as the sun would or a tanning bed without the skin damage that comes along with tanning through the sun or tanning beds.  The popularity began in the early 1950s, when mostly celebrities used it to achieve a healthy look.  There has been a steady progression throughout the decades though and the look now is more natural than ever with spray tanning and there are more choices, with even “express tanning” available which is quick, fast and simple. 

Individuals can choose from how much “glow” they want. 

Some individuals, especially brides-to-be, simply want a mild, subtle healthy glow for their wedding day.  Other individuals seek a more tanned look that is slightly darker yet not too heavily dark and still very natural looking.  Other individuals like a really “toasty” appearance, especially those that are in the body-building competition field, where a dark tan gives definition and depth to the musculature that they have taken the time to develop.  Body builders tend to cover their entire bodies with as much deep dark tan as possible before every competition.  It does make them stand out more on stage.  While some use self-tanning products, it is difficult to create a smooth, uninterrupted, and consistent tan with these.  Most find themselves using spray tanning salons such as Gotham Glow to get the most professional look possible as this can make or break their chances at winning a competition.

Spray tanning can be either whole body, partial body, or face only, depending upon preference. 

Some individuals only want a slightly tanned facial look while others use this method of tanning only on their legs or other body parts to cover up imperfections such as spider veins, or unsightly tattoos.  Other individuals enjoy having an entirely tanned body all year long as they find this makes them feel more attractive.  Since this is not a permanent tanning of the skin, there really is no right way or wrong way and some individuals use a partial spray tan in the winter and then a full body application in the summer months.  Contestants in beauty contests also find this a useful tool in their arsenal of beauty tricks.  Remember though, no one needs to be a beauty queen or body builder to enjoy a natural spray tanning glow, and men as well as women love doing this simply for the boost in confidence this type of tan can impart.

About Gotham Glow

Gotham Glow, located at 1123 Broadway in New York City, is a salon with years of experience in spray tanning.  Many packages exist, with all price ranges.  The hours are listed, and a map exists showing the salon’s exact location.  Appointments are necessary, but there is a contact form, an email, and a phone number as well as a booking form to make appointments easily. You have a choice between a healthy glow or a couple days at the beach look. Gotham Glow offers full body, half body, or face tans. The salon even offers mobile services where a technician can come to a person’s home or preferred location and there are express tans which are done quickly yet efficiently. 

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