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Security in the current political climate is a major concern. With all of the political and social unrest in today’s world security is on everyone’s mind. Parents across generations have tried to teach their children that they are safe in their own homes and that is feeling less true. Having peace of mind when you lay your head on your pillow is just as important as feeling safe when you leave your home and go to work. Your security needs are unique to you, your situation, and your level of comfort.

Northern Force Security was founded by former military members with anti-terrorism and threat defence in mind. With military training, they have a unique perspective on keeping you and your information safe from those who would do you harm. With a premiere concierge security force, residents in businesses and apartments are protected from the first entry point. Emergency response protocols are implemented when necessary and all employees are trained in a way that allows them to begin response or jump in when they reach the scene.

Before implementing any security program an assessment must be made of the situation so that a plan can be tailored to your needs. In some situations, such as schools and hospitals, a highly visible security detail serves as a viable deterrent. For businesses such as banks or institutions that have a rotation and break schedule, it can be a way to predict the best time to attack. Too much visible security can actually highlight security flaws to potential attackers so an evaluation really is the best place to start. More high tech monitoring may be the way to go for your unique situation.

Northern Force Security knows that living in a residential or suburban area creates a sense of safety and security. Often it is depicted as everybody knowing their neighbours and thereby recognizing suspicious activity. That simply is not the case anymore. Everyone is either too busy or too nervous to open their doors and get to know their neighbours. At certain times of the year, it is not uncommon to see multiple vehicles outside of a house when you typically see one. These also happen to be the best times for criminals to make their move. With a designated neighbourhood watch run by people trained in OPSEC who will notice suspicious activity can provide just that.

About Northern Force Security

Northern Force Security was founded because of the rising threat risk in today’s world. With a blend of manpower and technology, they are embracing the changing threats to security and defending against them. Security goes beyond what you can see and defend against now. By recognizing patterns of suspicious behaviour the trained specialists with Northern Force can get ahead of attacks and have a plan of action if one were to occur. Twenty-four-hour customer service is provided and new technology is constantly being explored in furtherance of the mission to protect you and the ones you love.

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