‘The Reasons I Pray’ by Evangelist Deberann Tinson Cultivates Passion for Praying, Offers Resources for Prayer Ministries

Evangelist Deberann Tinson’s new book, “The Reasons I Pray”, is for those who sense the urgency to start a prayer life, but don’t know how to begin, and for those who wish to obey the mandate and call of God to pray without ceasing. Published by Williams and King Publishers, the book is also intended as a resource for spiritual leaders who wish to set up a prayer ministry.

All churches pray, but not all churches have a prayer ministry. “The Reasons I Pray” promises to be the inspiring and instructional guide that takes the reader through all essential aspects of this invaluable daily practice. The book takes the reader through the lessons that everyone must know in order to build a continuous supernatural movement of His Holy Spirit.

“The Reasons I Pray” covers a wide range of prayer related lessons. These include how to walk in obedience to God’s call to pray, how to develop a passion to pray, growing to maintain the right purpose for prayer, the development of your faith, perspective and discernment, how to cultivate a passion for prayer in others, and learning how to shift activities, even at governmental levels.

Deberann Tinson has worked in the ministry for thirty years, imbibing a tremendous love for God’s Word and for His people. As a full time evangelist for twenty years, she has worked tireless in many ways to build and develop a kingdom of empowered people for God. Deberann is the founder of Prayer Warriors Seeking the Lost Ministry.

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The Reason I Pray: https://www.williamsandkingpublishers.com/new-releases/the-reason-i-pray/

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