Nora Mental Health Expands Reach with Franchise Deal in Nashville, Tennessee

Boulos Saad commits to opening 12 mental health clinics as part of the Nora Mental Health franchise program.

In a significant move to combat Tennessee’s ongoing mental health crisis, Nora Mental Health proudly announces a franchise deal with Boulos Saad. The esteemed mental health organization, led by Dr. Cullen Hardy, is set to open 12 new clinics in Nashville, Tennessee, under Boulos Saad’s leadership.

Dr. Hardy, the visionary founder of Nora Mental Health, initiated this franchise opportunity after identifying systemic issues in traditional mental health practices. “The ‘old’ way of delivering mental health services has lost its way,” he commented. Nora Mental Health stands out by treating individuals as unique beings, moving away from the impersonal approach prevalent in many mental health practices. Since its inception in 2018, Nora Mental Health has expanded across Michigan, and with this franchise deal, the organization is poised to make a substantial impact in Nashville.

“We are excited to work with Boulos and his team as Nora Mental Health continues to expand in the Nashville region. Citizens across Tennessee are no stranger to our nation’s mental health crisis, and we’re proud that Nora Mental Health will be a part of the solution,” remarked Dr. Hardy.

Boulos Saad, a native of Alexandria, Egypt, and a practicing Mental Health Clinician embodies Nora Mental Health’s commitment to personalized and compassionate care. After graduating from Trevecca Nazarene University with a Master’s in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling, Boulos has been a vocal advocate for mental health awareness within his community. His dedication extends beyond counseling, as evidenced by the success of his Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company, which he founded in 2020.

“Nora Mental Health is the perfect home for me and my team. The knowledge I gained through being a business owner and my passion for Mental Health aligns seamlessly with Nora’s client-centered approach,” affirms Boulos Saad.

Nora Mental Health invites the Nashville community to experience a new era of mental health care that prioritizes individuality, respect, and positive outcomes. With the commitment of Boulos Saad and his team, Nora Mental Health aims to be a beacon of change in addressing mental health challenges in Tennessee.

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Founded by Dr. Cullen Hardy in 2018, Nora Mental Health is a pioneering mental health organization committed to revolutionizing the industry by placing individuals at the center of care. Nora Mental Health provides tailored treatment plans and fosters a team of clinicians dedicated to delivering the highest quality services to clients.

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