Nora Mental Health Expands its Compassionate Care to Montana with a 5-Unit Development Deal

Dylan and Lindsay Brown help pave the way for Nora Mental Health’s presence in Montana.

Nora Mental Health, a leading mental health organization, is proud to announce signing a 5-unit development deal for the state of Montana with Dylan and Lindsay Brown. This strategic expansion represents Nora Mental Health’s commitment to revolutionizing mental health care by bringing its client-centered approach to the residents of Montana.

Dr. Cullen Hardy, the visionary behind Nora Mental Health, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership with Dylan and Lindsay Brown. “After meeting with Dylan and Lindsay Brown, it became clear that they were a perfect fit for Nora Mental Health. They embody everything Nora stands for, with a true passion for helping others and giving back to their beloved Montana community. We can’t wait to get started in the great state of Montana!” stated Dr. Hardy.

Under Dr. Hardy’s leadership, Nora Mental Health has been addressing the gaps in traditional mental health practices since its inception. The organization believes in treating each individual as unique, deviating from the impersonal approach prevalent in many mental health facilities. Dr. Hardy, who opened the first Nora Mental Health clinic in 2018, has since expanded the organization’s footprint in Michigan and now offers franchises nationwide.

“At Nora Mental Health, we celebrate all of your uniqueness, recognizing that it’s what makes you YOU. Our tailored treatment plans are designed to produce positive outcomes, and our team of clinicians aligns with our goals to provide the highest quality services to our clients,” emphasizes Dr. Hardy.

Dylan and Lindsay Brown, as franchisees in Montana, share Nora Mental Health’s commitment to individualized and compassionate care. Their dedication to positively impacting their community aligns with Nora’s mission to change the climate of mental health care for the better.

Nora Mental Health invites the Montana community to experience a new era of mental health care that prioritizes respect, compassion, and professionalism. With the partnership with Dylan and Lindsay Brown, Nora Mental Health aims to bring positive change and contribute to the well-being of individuals in Montana.

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Founded in 2018 by Dr. Cullen Hardy, Nora Mental Health is a trailblazing mental health organization committed to placing individuals at the center of care. Nora Mental Health offers tailored treatment plans and fosters a team of clinicians dedicated to delivering the highest quality services to clients.

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