NHU won the honor of 2020 30 Outstanding Innovative Feed Enterprises

On December 15, the China Feed Industry Association issued the “Recognizing Prominent Collectives and Outstanding Workers of the China Feed Industry Association”, and NHU won the honor of 30 outstanding innovative feed companies in 2020.


In the past two years, in the face of the sudden epidemic and the complicated international environment, Chinese feed companies actively responded to the call of the country, earnestly implemented the national decision and deployment, adopted a number of measures to resume stabilizing production and ensuring supply as the top priority. To ensure that feed production does not slip, provides strong support for stabilizing the supply of livestock products. Among them, a number of prominent enterprises worked hard and take the responsibility, and played a leading role in the industry. At the same time, all levels of feed industry associations, scientific research institutes and testing institutions, as well as the feed industry workers, carried out their work steadily and made important contributions to the progress of the industry.

In order to encourage and guide enterprises to establish the concept of green innovation and development, the China Feed Industry Association selected 150 prominent collectives and 60 outstanding workers on the basis of voluntary declaration, industry association recommendation, and expert review. Among them, listed top ten leading feed companies, top 30 feed companies, top 20 feed additive companies, top ten pet food companies, top ten ruminant feed companies, top ten aquatic animal feed companies, 30 outstanding innovative feed companies and 30 advanced collectives of China Feed Industry Association (local associations, etc.).

As a major nutritional product manufacturer, based on its extensive product portfolio of vitamins, carotenoids, and methionine, NHU provides effective animal nutrition solutions in the field of animal nutrition for poultry, aquatic products, pets, etc., and flexibly responds to the growing population Sustainability and business challenges facing the need for a healthier, balanced and nutritious diet.

Throughout of its developing history, NHU has always been adhering to the R&D concept of “demand-oriented, internal linkage and external integration”, and R&D investment has accounted for more than 5% of sales revenue for many years, building a market-oriented, and industry-university-research integration” technological innovation System, established long-term cooperative relations with Zhejiang University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known universities and scientific research institutes, through continuous nutrition research, applied technology research and technical services, create value for customers and contribute to improving people’s quality of life.

NHU has been successively rated as one of the top 30 national feed companies, the national outstanding feed additive technology innovation company, the national advanced group of feed industry standardization work, and the 2018 “Belt and Road” international cooperation pioneer feed company.

In the future, NHU will continue to take industry needs as the starting point, technological innovation as the driving force, integrate global resources, gather domestic and foreign industry technical experts, provide more complete products and solutions, and make more contributions to the development of feed industry.

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