New Viral Video Sends Sales of PA7 (the “Steroid Copycat”) Skyrocketing

PA7 is the hottest, all-natural muscle-building enhancer on the market that boosts muscle growth the same way steroids do.

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Costa Mesa, CA – January 30, 2018 – A stunning new viral video has sent the sales of a powerful, natural muscle booster through the roof. The product is called PA7 and it has earned itself the nickname the “steroid copycat” because it doubles muscle growth and doubles fat loss the same way steroids do–just without any hormones.

Fitness enthusiasts reacted passionately to the video ad, posting thousands of comments. After the video got viewed nearly half-a-million times, PA7 sold out across all online retailers.

But the sole company that makes PA7, Orange County-based High Performance Nutrition, is announcing that they are back in stock and ready to ship out all pre-orders and new orders.

“There’s nothing else like PA7. It really does what it says it does and there’s peer-reviewed human clinical data to support every word,” said 29 year-old High Performance Nutrition CEO, Sean Torbati. “There are no known side-effects and everyone that tries it, men and women, get phenomenal results.”

So why is it called the “steroid copycat”? Steroids boost new muscle growth by expanding the mTOR pathway using testosterone. The mTOR pathway is the body’s main muscle-building “engine”. But instead of testosterone, PA7 uses a safe, natural plant nutrient called phosphatidic acid (PA) to activate the mTOR pathway.

Torbati has relished the chance to interact with his fans and offer science-backed responses to every single skeptical comment he’s received. Torbati is available for video, radio, and print interviews.

You can read more about PA7 by clicking here.

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