New Spanish book based on conversations launched by Adrian Vega: “Conversations in Easy Spanish”

Spanish writer, Adrian Gordaliza Vega has launched his new book titled: “Conversations in Easy Spanish: Dialogues with activities for beginners (Spanish Edition)”

Spanish is the second-most widely spoken language in the world (after Mandarin Chinese), with 400 million native speakers, and official status in a staggering 21 countries, spanning South, Central and North America, as well as Africa and Europe. Adrian knows the importance of this language, hence he wrote his book to help people who might have studied Spanish before without getting the needed fluency on it.

Adrian’s book is perfect for those who are familiar with the basic rules of the grammar but still find it very difficult to form full sentences. ”You can understand a lot of what you read but you can not say it yourself. You definitively understand what people are asking you but you do not know how to reply. This is a very common feeling among students and this book tries to solve that problem”, he said.

This book is the ideal companion to any person travelling to Spain or Latin-America. Teachers will find a lot of dialogues to work with and activities. Most dialogues in the book are easy to represent in role-plays so the fun is guaranteed.

In this book, readers will find dozens of conversations in real and natural Spanish (not necessarily the language that found in traditional books). This is not about what teachers teach, but about how people speak and what a basic student of Spanish should aim for:

       • Over 11,000 words of simple conversations that set to boost one’s level and confidence.

       • Relevant dialogues covering a wide range of topics (travelling, daily routine, descriptions, feelings, films ad series, sports, weather, etc.)

       • A set of exercises after each unit to consolidate what the reader has practiced.- Easy to reproduce situations, ideal for role- playing.

The author, Adrian Gordaliza Vega was born in Oviedo (Spain) in 1979. He graduated in Philosophy and holds a Master’s degree in Contemporary Spanish culture. In 2006 he moved to London where he taught at Instituto Cervantes and several universities (London Business King’s College and Royal Holloway University). He is founder and director of Premium Languages ​​Ltd. and Spencer-Vega Languages.

Adrian’s book has elicited rave reviews from its readers. According to a satisfied reader, Micheal Vinci: “This might be one of the best books there is for beginners to intermediate. One of the best learning tools I have ever come across. The conversations are perfect, and the challenge builds a little bit as you go. The questions that are asked at the end are perfect, simple but not shallow. They’re realistic and a lot of fun. I find myself speaking out loud as if I’m having a conversation with someone. This is how all language books should be modeled after. I mean, people shouldn’t stop reading/writing stories of course. But I can’t even describe how useful this is for me personally. I really hope he writes more books like this. Maybe a follow on to this at a slightly higher level, not too much though. I’ll buy them all. Can’t recommend this author enough.”

For those ready to master the basics of Spanish and speak the language like a native, check out the book’s amazon page and get a copy.

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