New Research into Arthritis and Chronic Joint Pain Suggests Solution Could Lie in Red Light Treatment and Bio-Energetic Imprinting

January 28, 2020 Arthritis patients often require urgent pain relief and symptom alleviation, and their demand is driving advanced research into medical remedies. One such recent therapy borne out of researches from Nasa and universities is the MindBody Matrix cream. Both are well researched, documented and known to offer relief, but are incredibly costly and out of reach of most patients. 

While most of the world’s population wonder “what is arthritis?”, actual sufferers are on Google asking, “what is arthritis caused by”. Chronic joint pain, arthritis, and similar other ailments are still in need of a permanent and in-budget cure. An alternative to Red Light Therapy has been found by private research – the MindBody Matrix. This is a novel cream made of botanical and chemical ingredients and then infused with the goodness of Red Light Therapy. Albeit uncommon, juvenile arthritis can also be found in children aged 16 or younger. 

MindBody Matrix is a natural pain-relief cream, infused with red light bio-information imprinting by putting it into a red light chamber with over 1,000 tuned red LEDs for 30 minutes. This power-packed formulation has been found to offer relief similar to Red Light Therapy and within everyone’s budget.

I created a small sample of MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream at home, put it into the red light chamber for 30 minutes while sending bio-informations into the chamber, and then gave it out to my patients to try for themselves,” says the researcher who created the cream.

Just as Red Light Therapy is known to decrease inflammation related to chronic joint pain or autoimmune diseases, the cream carries a similar power. The cream contains nine botanical ingredients (such as Calendula Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint, Aloe Vera, Arnica), and two additional neurotransmitters, GABA and L-theanine (which help calm the body). The third step involves putting the cream in a red light chamber for half an hour.

The first time I tried the MindBody Matrix Cream, it was like a miracle – it eased my pain. I was able to sleep without the annoying neck pain. I can’t believe this works better than the $200 prescription compound cream I have,” says a recent customer.

The bio-information imparted to the cream carries code that matches the body’s meridian and allows letting go of grief, anger, and emotional issues. The effect is similar to meditation, which is known to reduce pain. MindBody Matrix is intended for reducing pain associated with arthritis, backaches, sprains, strains, and bruises of elbows, shoulders, hips or knees.

MindBody Cream comes with two special bonuses: A video guide for 60-second stretches to instantly alleviate joint pain, and a free video that shows three steps to reduce inflammations. The MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream is available at a special release price for a limited time.

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