New Q&A Portal ‘EFor-Real’ Offers Fresh Insights, Free Information, Job Searches and More

New Q&A Portal ‘EFor-Real’ Offers Fresh Insights, Free Information, Job Searches and More

February 12, 2020 – Most Forums and online chat groups are reportedly overcrowded, with many dissatisfied users. This should not be the case when the age of information requires quick or detailed and structured responses. The relatively newly launched Q&A and information portal,, now offers a fresh perspective.

EFor-Real allows anyone to post a question and receive answers from fellow users and bloggers. It encourages everyone to share “valuable and unique” information that they think everyone must know (without ads or marketing promos, of course). Users can type in 50 words, or go full length to address important issues. All posts are made reliable by asking for reputed sources to be referenced.

EFor-Real is also a Job search site. Users can input a few search criteria like location to find jobs in areas like sciences, Accounts, Customer Service, Management, Sales Associate or Software. Another great feature about the platform is the free tools that it offers, like the Free US College Search tool or the free tool to find grants and scholarships.

In addition to the above, some awesome recent conversations and posts on EFor-Real are worth a look. Posts such as ‘How to Set Up Effective Classroom Rules’, ‘Signs Your Professor Hates You and How To Fix It’, and ‘How Can Professors Make Teaching More Effective For College Students?’

The post on classroom rules is a must-read for all students and teachers. A classroom requires attention, but also the freedom to relax and think. How can teachers set up rules that are effective, and promote the aims of the school or college? The article points out that classroom rules aren’t created because the teachers or professors don’t like students, but only to maintain decorum and coordination in the everyday proceedings.

Another great post is about the professor who appears not to like some students. The article points out that it is possible that the professor doesn’t’ actually hate a given student. They may, however, get annoyed if their job, likely to be one among many other professional duties, apart from their personal lives, is made harder. This means students taking care of little things, like ‘did you check the syllabus?’, ‘did you send an email as you would to a friend, full of emojis?’, ‘do you use phones in the class?’; and the list is long.

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