New PaintBook drawing app works in landscape mode with no ads or in-app purchases

PaintBook is an exciting new mobile application for Android users that converts the mobile screen into a landscape canvas and allows anyone to draw their heart out. It is absolutely free of cost with no annoying ads or in-app purchases. Unlike a few other free drawing apps that require the users to signup, PaintBook doesn’t ask for user’s personal information and the users can simply download the app and start using it as it is.

What makes this app stand apart from the rest is that in the near future it will provide an open source framework for the art community to customize the app, even without any knowledge of coding. The developer of this app is currently building a framework that’ll allow the artists with no knowledge of coding to modify the codebase and customize the app as per their requirements. This feature truly makes PaintBook a community-driven app for artists. The users will also be able to posts request for future updates via the Reddit forums of the app.

While there are a number of drawing apps available in the market, only a few allow the user to draw in landscape mode. Majority of art enthusiasts prefer to draw digitally on their mobile screen in landscape mode as it is more convenient and provides a wider canvas area which is why PaintBook app is created. The app aims to build a community of drawing, painting and art enthusiasts by providing them an easily accessible platform to draw anytime and anywhere.

The app enables the users to draw a variety of things using tons of free features provided within the app. The user-friendly interface and sleek design make it easy for all types of users to draw with ease. This app is made for users of all ages and for all-purpose related to drawing. The app comes with all the major features required for digital drawings such as Brush (60 brushes and 11 settings), Eraser, SprayPaint, Line/Curve, Text, Blur, Smudge, Free Transform, Bucket, Shape, Move Layer, Mag Glass, and Color Picker.

The users can also add unlimited layers to their drawings and set layer opacity and layer blends. They can choose from different filters like Glow, Drop Shadow, bevel, and tint. The app also enables the users to set the hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast of their drawing. In addition, it comes with Full-color range and the colors can be selected according to hue, luminance, and saturation. A total of 48 custom swatches are provided to save custom colors.

The users can choose to work on a blank canvas and choose its size as per their requirement or import images from their local storage. They can also import images from specified URL or import 7 special papers. They can zoom in and out of their canvas to have a clear picture of their drawing and to add details to it. The app allows them to back up and restores all their canvases with just one tap. Furthermore, the app features 28 themes to give a different look to the PaintBook app. All of the above features are available at completely free of cost. 

The app can be downloaded for free from Google PlayStore.

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