Hot Ash Pizza Oven brings the taste of wood-fired pizza at home; now available on Kickstarter

Hot Ash Pizza Oven is a brand-new product introduced on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It’s an all in one oven that allows the users to cook and enjoy wood-fired pizza, charcoal-seared steak through a smokeless fire pit experience. Within a few days of its launch the product has managed to collect over $4000 out of its fundraising goal of $10,000. The campaign provides a chance for the US residents to own this restaurant quality pizza oven at a lesser price than the estimated MRP. The success of the campaign will allow the makers to get the product into mass production and deliver it to the backers as soon as possible.

Hot Ash Pizza Oven comes with three components: Fire Pit, Grill, and Pizza Oven. The pizza oven attachment is made with the highest quality stainless steel and has the capacity to cook wood-fired pizza in just 2 minutes. The efficient fire-pit base allows the oven to come to temperature in just 20 minutes which makes it about 80% faster than a traditional wood-fired pizza oven. Each product unit is equipped with a high-temperature thermometer and a 16-inch cordierite pizza stone. The user can cook with either just the pizza oven or attach the stainless-steel grill top onto the fire pit base to get the perfect grill marks on the food.

By choosing certain rewards, the user can also get the stainless steel grill basket attachment that can fit inside the grill top for grilling vegetables or small cuts of meat. The Firepit attachment uses gasification technology to create a smoke-free environment. Once the food is cooked, the user can break down their unit into the fire pit base to burn off any smoke-causing creosotes easily. The Fire Pit also comes with removable grate and ash pan which makes it easier to clean.

The whole cooking system with pizza oven, fire pit, and grill top, weights about 65 lbs. and it can be easily installed in the backyard. The users can pre-order the Hot Ash Pizza Oven at early bird prices through the Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign by choosing any of the various rewards.

Details of a few are mentioned below:

  • Pledge $350 or more: Get the smokeless Fire Pit, the retail price of which is estimated to be $450.
  • Pledge $500 or more: Get the Grill top and Fire Pit, the retail price of which is estimated to be $750.
  • Pledge $515 or more: Get the Fire Pit, Grill Top, and grill basket, the combined retail price of which is estimated to be $775.
  • Pledge $750 or more (Early Bird Bronze package): Get one pizza oven, Fire Pit and Grill top, the estimated retail price of which is estimated to be $1150.

More information about the Hot Ash Pizza Oven and other rewards can be found on Kickstarter

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