New Melbourne Based Distributor Of Delicious, Nutritious, Mostly Plant Based Food

Melbourne – Ten years ago, the health food fridge at the local supermarket might have contained some tofu, a small bottle of almond milk and a packet of lentil burgers. Nowadays, shoppers can enjoy a variety of innovative plant-based substitutes that taste delicious.

The demand for​ Plant Based Food Melbourn​e has never been greater, and local company, Food to Make You Smile, has an incredible range of plant-based products ready to purchase online. Their products are not only plant-based, healthy and delicious, but they are also ethically sourced, eco-friendly and sustainable.

The range of plant-based products available to Australian consumers continues to grow. Vegan Cheese Melbourne ​ is an excellent alternative for people adhering to a vegan or dairy-free diet. At Food to Make You Smile, their selection of cheeses combines high-quality plant-based ingredients with mouth-watering flavours.

Ice-cream is an irresistible dessert and summer treat loved by people of all ages.​ Dair​y Free Ice Cream Melbourne is also available on the Food to Make You Smile site, with a​ variety of flavours to choose from. Dairy-free alternatives are a great way to enjoy ice-cream without the discomfort of dairy or the use of animal products.

Living with a plant-based or vegan diet used to mean missing out on the creaminess of dairy-based foods. Now, there are ​ Dairy Free Butter Melbourn​e products available that​ are just as creamy, rich and versatile as traditional butter. The butter products stocked by Food to Make You Smile utilise tree nuts and other plant-based ingredients to taste, melt, spread and bake like the real thing.

Consumers no longer have to settle for plant-based alternatives. Instead, they can enjoy delicious and healthy planet-friendly food. ​ V​egan Crumpets Melbourne are a tasty breakfast treat that can be topped with fruit and enjoyed by the entire family. On the Food to Make You Smile site, choose from blueberry, chocolate, coconut and traditionally flavoured crumpets by Crumpets by Mern​a.​ The traditional, blueberry and chocolate crumpets made from buttermilk are a perfect vegetarian alternative and the coconut crumpets being a delicious vegan breakfast alternative.

About Food to Make You Smile:

Food to Make You Smile is a Melbourne-based distributor of delicious and nutritious plant-based cheese, ice-cream, butter, crumpets and other fine foods. 

Carefully hand-selected by gourmet enthusiasts, the products they sell are good for you and the planet. they are committed to expanding our collection of high-quality products by working with ethical and sustainable companies.

Their range of plant-based goods is available to purchase wholesale or in household quantities on their online store.

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