New Euro Souvenir Banknote with the TITANIC Launches End of February 2020 in Ireland

New Euro Souvenir Banknote with the TITANIC Launches End of February 2020 in Ireland

January 24, 2020 – Ireland’s only Euro Souvenir supplier, Euro Note Souvenir Ltd, proudly announce the release of the new Euro Souvenir Banknote with the image of the iconic RMS Titanic ship by the end of February 2020. The new 0 Euro Banknote is designed to honor the Titanic, which sank in 1912 after striking an iceberg, as an important part of Irish history. 

The new Souvenir Banknote is presently enjoying many pre-orders from all over the world as people anticipate being a proud owner of one of the limited notes come late February 2020. The RMS Titanic ship was thought to be unsinkable, and its sad story that was told in many books and movies has sparked the imagination of young and old over the decades. Built in Belfast in Northern Ireland, the iconic ship is an important part of Ireland’s heritage and is known as the most famous ship in the world. 

“We are happy to add the new motif that features the Titanic to our collection of popular 0 Euro notes around the end of February. The story of the RMS Titanic is famed as one of the most sensational stories in history and is known all over the world. And we are proud to dedicate a Euro Souvenir note to the Titanic,” says Peter Schneider, Managing Director at Euro Note Souvenir Ltd. 

He says further, “The notes look and feel like real 0 Euro notes and are a great product for souvenir and gift shops. And they are sought by thousands of collectors across Europe. Our company also does customized and exclusive prints for tourist attractions such as castles and abbeys, museums, zoos, and wildlife parks, or anything with historic, social, or cultural relevance to Ireland.” 

The beautiful commemorative 0 Euro note is a popular collectible and wonderful gift. The Titanic notes can be pre-ordered from the company’s website. Titanic fans, collectors, and Ireland enthusiasts will cherish the RMS Titanic 0 Euro note across the globe omce it is released. 

About Euro Note Souvenir Ltd.

Euro Note Souvenir Ltd. is a new start-up located in Headford, Co. Galway, and was incorporated in December 2018. Euro Note Souvenir Ltd. has the sole right to produce Euro Souvenir banknotes with Irish attractions and Irish imagery and holds the exclusive Sales & Distribution license for Ireland.

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