New children’s book “Runt, Buck & Coco and The Snipe Hunt” by Perry Fuller is released, an endearing story about triplet brothers who have an imaginative adventure in the woods

New children’s book "Runt, Buck & Coco and The Snipe Hunt" by Perry Fuller is released, an endearing story about triplet brothers who have an imaginative adventure in the woods

“Runt, Buck & Coco and The Snipe Hunt” by Perry Fuller has been released worldwide. This 24-page children’s book tells the delightful tale of three triplet brothers, Runt, Buck, and Coco, as they embark on a snipe hunting adventure – an imaginary creature that roams the woods at night. After being challenged by other kids, the brothers set out to capture a “snipe,” but can’t seem to agree on what one actually looks like! That night, they gear up and head into the woods for an adventure they’ll never forget!

This fun story is a follow up to the author’s first book, “Runt, Buck & Coco and The Goatman,” and is inspired by the author’s real childhood as a triplet, exploring the nearby forest with his brothers and embracing a sense of playful wonder as they invented games and searched for mythical creatures. The activity of “snipe hunting” has been passed down for generations, encouraging kids like Perry “Buck” Fuller and his siblings in rural Georgia to create their own enjoyment through the power of imagination.

Observing a world where kids are constantly entertained by video games, tablets, streaming services, and beyond, the author set out to capture the value of free play in the great outdoors. Supported and encouraged by adults, the characters in the story teach young readers that they can make their own fun without the aid of digital technology. Through this book, the author aims to inspire parents and children to enjoy the wonderful world of nature, to explore, and to build strong imaginations.

The story itself is a lovely portrait of “kids being kids” as they work together, face fears, and embrace a spirit of curiosity and exploration. The three boys bond as brothers, make new friends, and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Runt, Buck & Coco and The Snipe Hunt (ISBN: 9781961532427 / 9781963844320) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The hardcover retails for $23.99, the paperback retails for $14.99, and the ebook retails for $6.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

From the back cover:

Snipe hunting is an adventurous fun outdoor activity that has been around since the 1840’s. Some form of snipe hunting is practiced in all 50 states and in several countries. Snipe hunting is a nighttime activity practiced on camping trips, summer camps, and by boy and girl clubs. Although a snipe is known as a bird, a “Snipe Hunt” is the pursuit of a mysterious imaginary creature whose description varies. Go SNIPE HUNTING and let your imagination run wild.

About the author:

Perry “Buck” Fuller was born in Columbus, Georgia. He grew up on a small farm east of Columbus with seven sisters and three brothers. He is a graduate of Young Harris College and the University of Georgia. He currently resides in Sylvester, Georgia.

Terry “Runt”, Perry “Buck”, and Jerry “Coco” Fuller are the triplets from Runt, Buck, & Coco. Buck wanted to write stories about the adventures the triplets experienced growing up on a small rural Georgia farm. Buck’s son and daughter helped him bring these adventures to life. They worked together to create Runt, Buck, & Coco and The Snipe Hunt.

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