New book “The Super Organism: Sentinel of Addiction” by M. Makhijani is released, the prelude to a series that blends sci-fi, history, and the supernatural into a thrilling, dystopian adventure

New book "The Super Organism: Sentinel of Addiction" by M. Makhijani is released, the prelude to a series that blends sci-fi, history, and the supernatural into a thrilling, dystopian adventure

“The Super Organism: Sentinel of Addiction” by M. Makhijani has been released worldwide. This 60-page ebook is the first installment of a forthcoming series that explores a dystopian society, interstellar imperialism, an all-powerful extraterrestrial, and supernatural forces at play across universes. This prelude to the series introduces key characters and themes that will unfold in future installments, laying the foundation for a complex storyline that bends genre and examines the dark sides of technology, power, and the human ego.  

Written as a series of memoirs from the perspective of clone 888782, “Sentinel of Addiction” draws readers into the events of “The Super Organism” series through cautionary tales about technology and historical figures, as well as a thought-provoking, futuristic setting of tyrannical political systems, runaway tech, and multidimensional beings. 

With a diverse educational background and broad interests, author M. Makhijani draws from a variety of influences in his genre-crossing work. Firmly rooted in elements of science fiction, yet expanding in scope to include social commentary and supernatural powers, this vivid and imaginative story incorporates dark humor, truthful observations about humanity, and fascinating ideas about the future of technology and commerce. Moving seamlessly between moments of action and philosophical rumination, Makhijani takes readers on a wild ride across the Interstellar Nation. 

A truly unique take on science fiction and beyond, this promising series introduction presents a fascinating world of potential and sets the stage for the exciting narrative to come. 

Excerpt 1:

“Okay, so now, our make-believe murderer’s defense attorney has appealed the ruling, by motioning to the judge, that his client can afford to carry out his sentence by applying for the process of Time Served By Proxy, in which a biological copy of his client would be created as a substitute to take his place in prison.

That’s right. You do the crime, but your clone does the time, and that is what the criminal justice system refers to as Time Served By Proxy.” 

Excerpt 2:

“Would you prefer to live in a world with privacy, in which the thoughts of evil people are left unmonitored? Or would you prefer to live in a world with no privacy, in which the thoughts of evil people do get monitored?”

Excerpt 3:

“When it comes to the forging of empires, the psychological foundation that gives rise to the ambition of political conquest has always been power and greed, both of which are born out of the ego. By that measure, in my opinion, even fentanyl, which is a powerful synthetic painkiller, that’s said to be 25 to 50 times more potent than heroin, doesn’t even come close to the self-destructive and addictive nature of the human ego.”

Excerpt 4:

“I mean, it’s not every day that you get to be the man who’s responsible for single-handedly creating the multiverse trading revolution.”

Excerpt 5:

“Using the skills at his disposal, he was able to establish a system of interuniversal economic trade with countless number of extraterrestrial civilizations that together form the multiverse. For the first time in history, mankind had engaged in a treaty of interuniversal commerce with other universes.”

Excerpt 6:

“If the current status quo is left unchallenged, then the antiversians will continue to have the upper hand in every Interstellar market.”

Excerpt 7:

“I foresee troops marching into a gateway with the intention of conquering every antiuniverse out there. I foresee several antiversian worlds falling under the rule of the Interstellar Nation. In my opinion, looming over the horizon, as a result of the actions of an extraordinary individual, is the dawn of an age of interuniversal imperialism and interuniversal colonialism.”

Excerpt 8:

“Well, surprise! Neonate is a celestial living organism. It’s as alive as you and me. It’s a self-aware sentient world. At least, that’s what we like to call it and the others as well. Yes, that’s right, I said others, as in there’s more than one sentient world out there. These living planets are native to only an antiuniverse, and furthermore, they are all now the legal property of the Interstellar Nation.” 

In addition to future installments of “The Super Organism” series, Makhijani is also set to release a series titled “Aliens of the Gods” and a spin-off collection titled “Aliens of the Gods: The City of Dwarka.”

To keep up with forthcoming releases, events, and Makhijani’s other projects, follow him on X at @makhijani_speak, and on Facebook at @m.makhijani.novels. 

The Super Organism: Sentinel of Addiction (ASIN: B08SKJBT4D) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Amazon and Google Books. The ebook retails for $1.19. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

About the book:

Individual characters in a distant future offer us a series of memoirs emerging as an all-powerful extraterrestrial life form discovers that it has been imprisoned by God in human form as part of a supernatural rehabilitation program.

About the author:

M. Makhijani is a novelist; he specializes in the genres of science fiction and cross-genre. He grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and has a degree in Psychology and Political Science, with a minor in Eastern and Western philosophy. He also holds a Diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration from the prestigious UHI Millennium Institute in the United Kingdom.

For Makhijani, his readers will always come first. A perfectionist by nature, he obsesses over the tiniest of details, employing a style of narration that combines a uniquely vivid imagination with intellect and originality. He develops a narrative that immerses his readers in a very absorbing and entertaining reading experience.

Makhijani’s hobbies include working out at the gym, Pilates, reading, watching documentaries and popular science fiction shows on Netflix. He also holds a First Dan BlackBelt in Shotokan Karate, and for a time, trained as a mixed martial arts fighter at the world renowned Griphouse gym in Glasgow.

He speaks nine languages, out of which Spanish and Italian are his favorite. He never stops learning and aspires to become completely fluent in them someday.

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