New book “Screw That!” by Andrew Friend is released, a work of satirical comedy that explores the author’s life and experiences, as well as the absurdity of the world

“Screw That!” by Andrew Friend has been released worldwide. This 167-page book is a collection of essays, jokes, satire, cartoons, and more that give the reader a look into the author’s quirky, sometimes vulgar, and usually politically incorrect sense of humor. No topic of modern society is off limits, and the comedic jabs don’t pull any punches!

Screw That! (ISBN: 9781735948713) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $14.99. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram. 

About the book:

As the book’s subtitle suggests, this book would best be described as a collection of “adventures in politically-insensitive humor”. It was written with a single, simple and incredibly noble purpose… to try and make lots and lots of people laugh out loud and stop taking everything so goddamn seriously. An interesting and intentionally confusing assortment of quirky cartoons, poems, stories, photos and random observations, you never know what the next page will surprise you with. But you can absolutely count on the fact that the creator of this mysterious mess is trying his best to dig at your innards in the hopes of extracting a simple little smile or a big-time belly laugh. 

About the author:

Mister Friend (as he prefers to call himself) was born in Miami Beach, Florida, but his life really began four days later when a radically-reformed Jewish family from Manhattan kidnapped him (some would say “adopted”) and brought him northward so as to save him from the luxurious tropical climate, the swaying palm trees and all the bikini-clad women that he would have been forced to suffer through for much of his young life. 

As a young man coming of age in NYC, he frequently demonstrated a uniquely creative sense of humor and adventure… that served to get him expelled from a very fancy and fashionable private school while in eighth grade. Thankfully, it worked out that his captors were able to find another, somewhat less-responsible school that was willing to accept their money and help the lad complete his high school education. He did, and then went off for a very forgettable and almost entirely-forgotten Freshman year in college… which he would have to repeat the following year at an entirely different school… and then another. 

Having successfully gotten himself kicked out of school for the third time, somehow he managed to get accepted at Hunter College in Manhattan (with the explicit proviso that he not live on campus… which was probably all for the best). At Hunter, he finally came into his own… and almost graduated with a BA in Philosophy (which he mistakenly thought would magically open the door to many lucrative career opportunities)

After college, Mister Friend’s career path has taken many interesting twists and turns… including stints as professional magician, department store buyer, toy manufacturer, seller of fake golf lithographs, mapmaker and advertising salesperson. Along the way, despite a string of huge mistakes and significant failures, he has somehow managed to turn into a relatively mature, semi-responsible and moderately successful person… who lives a charmed life with a wonderful woman who is willing to put up with him and children who are far more beautiful, intelligent and talented than he ever was.

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