New Book Reveals Lifelong Financial Habits Parents Fail to Instill in Children

Southfield, MI – The current formal systems of education and a consumerist lifestyle have much to answer for if our children grow up to become indebted. Financial education and the role of saving, investing and generating passive income are hardly touched upon in schools and families. To bring about a change, Bryant L. Owens has taken up the challenge and brought out one of the most valuable publication that today’s kids and parents require: Money Machine Building Club.

According to studies, parents feel intimidated teaching finance to children. Birthdays and Christmas parties are fun, but have parents thought of the lifelong lessons that can be instilled in children if they were also taught how to grow the money they received? This and many other basic lessons in financial education form the bulk of the new book, ‘The Money Machine Building Club: How to Teach Your Children to Make Their Birthday Money Work for Them’.

A home financial education system, the Money Machine Building Club is a systematic introduction on forming basic investing skills in children and youth in an everyday fashion. Using this system, parents can lead their kids into financial freedom every day of the week. These habits, the book informs us, will ensure that kids grow up with habits that will stand them in good stead later in life, and protecting them from struggling with debt.

Among other things, Money Machine Building Club deals with the concepts of earned income and free income, and creating an economy right inside home. It also shows how children can create brokerage accounts, collect assets for the future, evaluate purchases, become entrepreneurs, and learn how time is the number one advantage in building wealth and creating freedom.

“Instant gratification, outside influences, and developing a depreciating skill set make organized sports dangerous for young children. The current way we celebrate Christmas and birthdays set the wrong expectation, and college is not all it’s cracked up to be,” says Bryant.

Using a comprehensive, 3 pillar program, Money Machine Building Club caters to the needs of those who are clueless on what to teach kids or lack a systematic approach to financial topics. The book will also help those who are looking for additional ideas, have an allowance system, or using the 529 Plan for college funds.

“Parents teach their children everything but concepts about finance and investing. This book will help you implement a comprehensive financial education system to practice every day in your home and help your children create the financial freedom we all seek,” says Bryant.

About the Money Machine Building Club

‘The Money Machine Building Club: How to Teach Your Children to Make Their Birthday Money Work for Them’ is a home financial education system that focuses on helping children learn good financial concepts at a young age. It assists them in playing an active role in building their financial freedom every day of the week.

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