Leading European Payment Processing Company, Gh-Bill.com, Creates Unique Solution For All Merchants

12 June, 2017 – Every day, merchant companies face various challenges, most espacially when it comes it payment processing. This denies business owners time and energy needed in building and growing their businesses. Merchants who are categorized as high risk merchants or adult merchants websites, have tougher challenges to contend with when it comes to running a smooth online payment processing. Ultimately this leads to reduced potential sales and loss of customers to other competitors.

Top online payment – credit card processing company, Gh-Bill.com has over the years gain reputation among European merchants and other international companies, helping them solve all payment proccessing problems with their state of the art facilities and expert staffs who are on standby. With pre-approval done in less than 24 hours, processing rates starting from 4.6%, and best customer service, GH-bill.com keeps paving the way online merchants.

“We are glad to be a part of our clients’ success story. Most online merchants face serious prebloms with their payment processing providers, some of which ranges from high charges, dlayed payment, non-acceptance due to being classfied a s high risk merchant. We have continually helped hundreds of merchants with appropriate payment solutions, including adult merchant websites” Says the European Director.

He says further, “Our various payment solutions are well-tailored to help your business grow and make your cleints purchase with full confidence and maximum security. We are fully committed to keep helping the e-commerce players improve and grow their businsess with our secured one-point solution. We have gone a step further ahead other payment processing companies by providing the best services for adult merchants websites and other high risk merchants.”

For more information, visit www.GH-Bill.com
GH-Bill.com is a leading European payment service provider with over 5000 websites worldwide. Compared to other players in the industry, the company helps various online merchants, espeacialy those from high risk industry, with cutting-edge solutions to accept credit card payment fast and hassle-free. GH-bill has a fast growing network of partner acquiring banks and BIN sponsors world-wide.

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