Nereides: The Best Advertising Agency for Startup Businesses

““I am absolutely blown away by the engagement I’ve received over the past couple of days. My account has blown up, and I’ve noticed it’s consistent REAL followers. I’ve felt a shift in other areas of my business as well. Just Brilliant ! ””
Nereides is a boutique social media and public relations agency that specializes in launching and maintaining publicity for modern brands.

Startup companies usually deal with marketing dilemmas prior to making it big in the industry. Aside from making a name for themselves amidst the tough competition, they have to gather as many loyal followers and clients as their social media marketing strategies would allow them. Fortunately, Nereides, a boutique social media, public relations, and startup advertising agency, has been helping budding entrepreneurs, bloggers, and large-scale companies in building their audience and boosting their popularity.

Perhaps not everybody has heard of Nereides, but those companies and entrepreneurs who did tap this startup advertising agency have now been reaping wonderful benefits. These people root on the following pros:

1. Nereides works hand-in-hand with their clients.

Unlike other social media and public relations agencies, Nereides helps clients develop social media marketing strategies and promos to increase brand awareness among consumers. Nereides knows which platforms would work well with a brand. Some of these social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google +. Startups will learn how to boost their online presence, as this is what makes up most of consumer participation. Nereides also knows that social media presence is as important as the company’s brand.

2. Nereides builds professional networks on behalf of their clientele.

Nereides searches for companies similar to their clientele and pairs them up, ensuring and building networks and integrated marketing strategies.

3. Nereides makes publicity an easy task for companies.

In terms of generating publicity, Nereides is the main game. They know exactly which tactics to employ to increase sales traffic and sales leads, and to make a company one of the most widely-known companies on the Web. News from the clientele itself will be distributed among news sites and will appear first in search engines.

4. Nereides provides affordable and transparent pricing.

Startups will find the price for Nereides’ services as friendly to their budget. Social media publicity costs $55 per social media account, but companies will get a discount if they would sign up for three accounts (all for $135). Public Relations Management, on the other hand, costs only $180, which already includes press releases, budget management, network relations, monthly publications on high-end news sites and blogs. The most expensive of the packages is Comprehensive Media Management, for $280. The price, however, is reasonable because it is the combination of public relations management and social media publicity.

Startups will definitely be more popular through the help of Nereides. A lot of blogs and companies have already tried and succeeded, and it is only a matter of time before all the established companies start seeking the services of Nereides.

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