My Kind of Faith, a Transformational New Book by international rugby player Stephen Hihetah, Inspires Readers On a Journey of Hope and Faith

My Kind of Faith by Stephen Hihetah is a book that offers a genuine source of hope in today’s unpredictable and often tragic world. Hihetah, an accomplished international rugby player, shares his own journey of overcoming personal struggles and finding strength. Through his own experiences, Hihetah illustrates the transformative power of faith and family bonds. The book serves as a relatable guide for readers navigating their own challenges and seeking inspiration.

‘We all battle demons and face hardships. But you must overcome and grow stronger. It’s not over until it’s over – that’s my kind of faith,’ – Stephen Hihetah.

Hihetah’s deeply moving narrative discusses the pain of losing his mother, sister, and best friend to suicide and contemplating taking his own life many times, while finding faith and inspiration through his love for his grandmother. Hihetah shares the complexities of his upbringing through the multicultural perspective of being raised in a family of both Ghanaian and Romanian heritage. He navigates readers through the lens of his childhood, the challenges of cultural identity in both London and Romania, and his incredible rise to becoming an internationally recognised rugby player.

My Kind of Faith is a testament to the profound healing capacity of love, faith, and resilience., inspiring readers to find their core strength and conquer their inner demons.

Early readers of My Kind of Faith are widely praising the book, describing it as life-changing and inspiring:

“Stephen offers exceptional insight, I look forward to rereading again in the future to reflect on its lasting impact on reshaping my outlook.”

“A very emotional and moving book. A true story of strength and courage no matter what life throws at you. A real inspiration to others.” 

“Amazing read, and very inspirational. This book will give hope to lots of people out there. I would highly recommend it.” 

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About The Author

Stephen Hihetah was born in northwest London to a Ghanaian father and a Romanian mother. This led him to becoming the first player of colour to play international rugby for Romania. He also captained the Romanian international 7s team. My Kind of Faith is his first book, which he wrote to encourage and inspire readers to remain steadfast during their difficult moments.

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