Multifunctional Brick Production Line And Terrazzo Production Line Were Put Into Production

Recently, in a newly completed brick production workshop in Anhui, a large-scale “supersonic” brick production line and an terrazzo production line are being produced in an orderly manner.

The client is a large-scale new-type building material company in Anhui. The company’s main business is concrete products such as paving stone, high-end PC terrazzo, wall bricks, slope protection bricks, and curbstones. The introduction of the Qunfeng production line this time is committed to improving the quality of concrete products in the local building materials market and strives to build the company into a large-scale, complete product and high-quality new building material manufacturing enterprise in Anhui Province.

This coincides with the characteristics of “large capacity, high efficiency, wide application, and excellent products” of Qunfeng brick machine. As for the star product “Supersonic” series of high-end servo brick machines, the dry forming process is adopted to improve the compactness of the product through a high-strength excitation force. Its host is equipped with a high-efficiency servo vibration system, which has a fast response speed and large excitation force. The same brick, under the premise of ensuring the compactness of the product, the molding speed is 20% higher than that of similar models in the market.

“Supersonic” Interlocking Paver Making Plant

Thanks to the strong R&D strength of Qunfeng, “Supersonic” can choose to match different Qunfeng molds to meet the needs of brick factories to produce various types of bricks. Special bricks can also be customized for special molds. According to the different brick styles, the products are widely used in the construction of urban roads, garden landscapes, residential squares, water conservancy slope protection, and other projects.

product application

The terrazzo floor tile forming machine of the other production line adopts a wet forming process, which uses high pressure to squeeze the excess water out of the concrete to ensure the hardening strength of the product. The turntable type of operation, from slurrying to pressing and forming, to demoulding, can realize simultaneous action of six stations, and the production efficiency is several times that of ordinary stone-like brick machines. The imitation stone pavement brick produced therefrom has obvious advantages in its compressive, flexural, freeze-thaw resistance, and other properties in practical applications.


Terrazzo Tile Making Plant

In addition, after secondary processing such as sandblasting, distressing, and wire drawing, the finished product combines the advantages of concrete bricks, natural marble, and granite, which is comparable to natural stone. It is believed that in the next few years, high-end imitation stone bricks will continue to maintain good growth momentum, and the further increase in the national share of the Qunfeng imitation stone brick production line also confirms this fact.


terrazzo tiles

At present, the project has completed the acceptance check and entered the formal production stage. The matching combination of “supersonic” large-scale brick production line and terrazzo floor tile production line, one “dry” and one “wet” molding process, is suitable for raw materials with different characteristics, meets the diversity of market demand for bricks, and is the future brick factory Development direction and mainstream. It is believed that with the combination of this project, the urbanization construction in Anhui will receive high-quality and strong support.

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