MOVIGOR Self-Cleaning Foldable Electric Toothbrush Launched on Kickstarter

World’s first truly portable, rechargeable, effective and self-cleaning electric toothbrush now available to crowdfunding backers

MOVIGOR, the world’s first self-cleaning foldable electric toothbrush, has been launched today on Kickstarter, at,to offer a toothbrush that the campaign says “it’s like no other.”

An amazing news I must share is, Movigor project on Kickstarter has 100% funded in less than 6 hours!

The device’s foldable design allows the user to fold the toothbrush and take it anywhere, and unfold it to use any time. Being a rechargeable device with a powerful 4,200mAh battery, the device is also portable because one charging cycle (that takes only up to 4 hours to be completed) will keep the device going for over 90 days.

Unlike most electric and non-electric brushes, which are difficult to clean and sterilize, MOVIGOR was designed to clean itself using Nano self-purifying technology. As the user folds the brush, the UV purification chamber will leave it brush clean in only 90 seconds, with a warning light indicating when the disinfection process is unfolding and when it’s completed.

MOVIGOR’s design is also aimed at facilitating a comfortable entrance, and its 15° curved hump-backed brush rod extends the brush rod toward the front part of the center of the toothbrush. 

The toothbrush also features a unique customized Dual-Variable Vibrated Technology that allows users to choose the brushing frequency and intensity that better adapts to their preferences and requirements—exploring 272 frequency options. These settings can be memorized to further improve the user experience.

This unique rechargeable electric toothbrush is charged with a TYPE-C fast-charging charging cable that will complete a charging cycle in only 3-4 hours. The charging process uses a five-loop digital system delivering 90% conversion efficiency and low energy consumption. The device is also protected against overvoltage and short circuit episodes, preventing overheating and self-balancing the toothbrush temperature.

About the Company

Shenzhen Lingmai Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to developing the most advanced research and products in the field of smart oral health. Our company is working to build a multi-dimensional oral health digital management platform based on humanistic care. We focus on producing cutting-edge electric toothbrushes, dental scalers, and dental floss products.

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