Move Efficiently and Enjoyably by Riding an Airwheel S6 Mini Electric Scooter

In your childhood dream, you might hope you can have something to take you wherever you want to go, you might hope you can move freely and easily. Now Airwheel S6 electric scooter comes out and it can satisfy your childhood wish to some extent.

When you were a child, you might hope you had a tool which could help you go wherever you wanted to go, and you might hope you could move to another place freely and easily. Though in reality your childhood fantasy cannot be fully fulfilled, it can be achieved to some extent with the development of technology. Now Airwheel releases its first saddle-equipped electric scooter, that is, Airwheel S6, an intelligent vehicle that can make you move freely and enjoyably in many kinds of scenarios.

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Airwheel S6 two-wheeled electric scooter moves efficiently. Weighing 14 kg, choosing the 8-inch tyres and having a compact size of 790mm*503mm*322mm, the electric scooter can move nimbly whether in elevators or narrow corridors.

Airwheel S6 two-wheeled electric scooter

Having a maximum speed of 17 km/h, Airwheel S6 makes you enjoy the convenience brought by fast speed. So small and practical, you can ride Airwheel S6 to work, travel, shopping or date. You can travel freely no matter in flat road or a curved path. Riding an Airwheel S6,  you can always be the focus of everyone’s attention for it’s so tiny and convenient.

S6 mini self-balancing scooter

Airwheel S6 intelligent mini electric scooter gives you enjoyable riding. Its adjustable seat cushion enables you to alter the height of the scooter to suit your needs; its adoption of both the standing and the sitting postures insulates you away from the exhaust brought by long-time standing; its steering, which is controlled simply by turning the direction of its cushion, liberates your hands and you can relax yourself while riding. For its powerful functions and premium design, you can surely have a comfortable riding experience with Airwheel S6.

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For its mini appearance and brilliant performance, Airwheel S6 can be used in many scenarios, and it can make your trip efficiently and enjoyably. If you enjoy the fast speed brought by riding, if you want to move freely and comfortably, and if you need an elf which can take you around agilely, you can pick up an Airwheel S6.

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