Moodysfx Forex Platform Successfully Obtains US MSB Financial Compliance License

On November 29, 2022, the Moodysfx forex platform successfully obtained the US MSB financial license. With a formal license to operate, Moodysfx is now in a better position to assist forex investors in all regions by providing services to execute all their activities and needs on the platform.

The MSB license is the standard license for conducting financial services such as foreign exchange in the United States. Services include currency exchange and transactions, global money transfer services, check cashing outlets, and facilitating payments between payers and providers. Those ineligible for MSB registration include individuals convicted of certain crimes, as well as corporations, partnerships or other types of entities with leaders or owners who own or control 20% or more of their shares and are at risk of conviction for crimes such as money laundering or fraud.


To prevent any financial crime, government authorities around the world have established anti-money laundering regulations, and MSB also has an anti-money laundering compliance program to reduce the level of fraud and criminal activity at the initial stage through anti-money laundering compliance. Now that Moodysfx is licensed by MSB, it is allowed to operate within the regulatory framework of the U.S. market, providing more transparency and protection not only for its clients, but also for the overall business itself.

Moodysfx is committed to becoming the world’s leading decentralized forex platform, creating an autonomous, efficient and transparent asset trading environment where traders and investors can trade with confidence at any scale without worrying about the fairness and transparency of the platform, the reliability of data security and privacy protection, or the integrity and robustness of its order management system.

In this journey of digital transformation, obtaining a legal license represents the authoritative recognition of Moodysfx’s compliance and strength by the U.S. government, and implicitly expresses its attitude of safeguarding the legal rights of investors and protecting the public interest of society.

What’s more, Moodysfx data has its own verification records, no need for identity verification, no need for data collection by regulatory authorities, and no need for reporting by enterprises, which will greatly reduce regulatory costs and improve regulatory efficiency. At the same time, due to the stability and reliability of its data blocks, Moodysfx technology is applied to foreign exchange supervision to ensure the accuracy of data and data security. In addition, the tamper-proof data block and the traceability of data nodes provide great convenience for regulation and enhance the efficiency of regulation.

Moodysfx will also create a fair and ideal environment for investors to invest, trade and manage digital assets, providing a multi-channel customer experience.

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