MonthlyCalm Promotes Holistic Well-Being with Online Self-Care Courses

Wellness is a very broad term that’s often associated with fitness and health, but in actuality is a term on its own. Fitness connotes physical strength and endurance, and in the context of appearances, fitness suggests a lean and muscular physique. Meanwhile, health is the internal condition of the body. A healthy body is free of disease, injury, and disorder. Health also applies to mental condition; for example, a healthy mind is a normal, sane mind.

What about wellness? According to the World Health Organization, wellness is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” The social element is an important consideration. The quality of how one relates to another – as well as outlook and general attitude – is part of what defines wellness. You are considered well if you are physically fit and healthy, mentally sound, able to relate, and have a generally positive attitude in life.

Taking things further, holistic wellness connects physical, mental, and social well-being into a common contiguous concept. One aspect should not be considered independent from the other, and all the aspects of wellness are to be considered both complementary and supplementary to each other. As such, people should put thoughtful consideration into all the choices they make so as not to upset their holistic well-being.

This approach to holistic wellness includes finding a long-term lifestyle that’s about improving and maintaining one’s strong physical, mental, social, and psychological well-being. Sometimes, it’s called mindfulness or mindful living. However, finding a lifestyle that does not detract from holistic wellness is easier said than done.

Unfortunately, modern living arrangements often do not accommodate a holistic view of things. The demands of modern life involve a lot of concessions and compromise. For example, convenience is often taken at the expense of health, like in the food choices we make. Preparing a healthy meal is hard. Ordering fast food is easier.

Sense of security and accomplishment also rank highly among personal priorities. However, achieving them seems to mean long days at the office, playing the political game with colleagues, and working with a great deal of pressure and stress. These so-called “realities” of a career – such as sacrificing mental and physical health, as well as relationships with others, such as spending time with family – are often taken for granted.

So how can one restore one’s holistic well-being despite the challenges of modern living?

One way is through self-care courses. What are self-care courses? Some consider them a re-education or a reminder; others, a reconnection to what kind of person we should be. Many even consider it a form of enlightenment that people should learn to take care of themselves better.

When it comes to empowering oneself with the knowledge to accomplish holistic well-being, no other site offers more information on this better than MonthlyCalm.

MonthlyCalm provides well-curated self-care courses that address the most common and pressing concerns brought about by modern living. From a full-length, but practical reference on exercise and fitness to book knowledge on the best practices for dealing and coping with stress, MonthlyCalm has something very useful for everybody.

The online courses are convenient; meaning, they are readily available and easy to follow, staying true to their self-help nature. They are also very cost-effective – it’s like hiring a free life coach to guide you daily, except that coach is you, armed with the knowledge of self-care.

Many people have benefited from MonthlyCalm’s online self-care courses. The courses have trained them to handle the challenges and pitfalls of work better, a feat only possible with self-care know-how. The reality is that stress, anxiety, and pressure are unavoidable, but how people deal with these determines how they can come out winning at the end of the day. And winning, as they realize, is not just about the accolades and accomplishments. It’s a win if one comes out with their physical, mental and social well-being unscathed.

In some cases, many claim their well-being improved just by properly dealing with the challenges. These are just some of the results from the courses featuring the kind of holistic well-being that MonthlyCalm promotes.

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