Allmusicals.Com Is Offering All Media Content Of Broadway Musicals

Allmusicals.Com Is Offering All Media Content Of Broadway Musicals
There would hardly be anybody who does not like Broadway music. Most of us keep looking online for the lyrics of Broadway and other musicals. What if one can find all of these lyrics in one place? This benefit is something that one can now find at the website,

Jan 14, 2020 – Getting lyrics of a song in a performance at a Broadway show may be easy. However, it is rare to find all popular Broadway musicals along with other musicals in one digital place. Well, is making it possible to grant anytime access to these media files. It is right now tagged as the largest database of these musicals.

A visitor gets access to song lyrics, synopsis, script, review, description, and media files. The Home page itself begins with the utility of searching for the intended musical. This is in the form of a list of linked alphabets arranged in chronological order.

Just clicking a letter displays all its corresponding musicals whose name starts with that letter. This is preceded by the year of release, which is commendable. This information helps in cross-checking that the musical in need is the one that is required, in case the finder knows the year of release. 

The Home page then displays links to some of the most popular musicals. Clicking any of them opens the page showing all the related lyrics followed by a synopsis or description along with release date. There are also some useful tabs such as videos, photos, review, script, cast, and synopsis related to that musical.

Clicking any of these lyrics opens the page with a link to its music below which the lyrics are written. Scrolling down provides two options of correcting or printing it. The Home page then shows the recently updated lyrics under the section, ‘Last updates.’

According to a spokesperson, “We intend to share all theatre show or film musicals although we are now focusing only on the Broadway ones. This way we can become the most comprehensive musical portal.”

About All Musicals

All Musicals is an online portal dedicated to sharing the lyrics of all musicals, especially Broadway musicals. It has the largest catalog of Broadway musicals. The website also allows adding new and correcting existing lyrics. Its aim is to provide the lyrics of these musicals only for learning purposes. For more information, kindly visit

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