Monspace CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai Receives EBA Business Triumph Award, Marks 3rd Consecutive Year of Receiving International Business Acknowledgement

Founder and CEO of Monspace, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai is expected to fly to Oxford, England on 18 Dec 2018 (Tuesday), to attend the Summit of Leaders 2018 and Socrates Award Ceremony held by the European Business Assembly (EBA). EBA was founded in Oxford, England in 2000. It is an independent business association focusing on economic, social, and humanitarian issues. EBA’s main purpose is to promote trade and economic growth in the European Union (EU). In line with the EU’s programmes, the EBA also awards outstanding Asian corporations and leaders annually, building better cooperation and trade ties between Asian and European nations.

Since 2000, the Summit of Leaders have seen 18 different editions. Each year, the globally acclaimed business summit is hosted by EBA at the Oxford Town Hall. The Summit of Leaders by EBA is a world renowned collaborative platform. Since its inaugural edition, 56 nations and more than 6000 professionals have been part of the event. The Summit of Leaders 2018 has invited representatives from 150 nations. These include the most accomplished people from their respective fields, including parliamentary ministers, scientists, urban planning experts, business representatives, enterprise CEOs, and experts of higher education.

As one of Malaysia’s best known entrepreneurs, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai has expanded Monspace globally since its founding in 2014. The company has shown impressive business results, which is why Lai has received recognition by EBA for three consecutive years. These include the Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal, Leader of the Year award, Enterprise of the Year award, and the Business Triumph Awards. The Business Triumph Awards is the highest business honour given by EBA at the Business Triumph and European Awards Night, which was held on 5 October 2018 in Cannes, France. This award is given to acknowledge outstanding business development performances, and exceptional leadership.

As a renowned entrepreneur in Asia, Dato Sri’ Jessy Lai was invited to the Summit of Leaders 2018 to meet and network with experts and leaders from various fields. “I am thankful for EBA’s invitation to the world’s biggest leadership summit. The opportunity to network and meet with experts from around the world has taught me a great deal,” said Lai in her speech at the Summit of Leaders 2018. This leadership summit is hailed as one of the most professional, large scale conferences. Discussion topics cover various fields such as education, business, politics, tech etc, with in-depth explorations on issues such as B-2B Specificity in Economics of Developing Countries, Non-Profit Activities of Commercial Organizations, Strategies To Find A Way Out of the Crisis and more. Summit of Leaders 2018 also featured several brand new highlights.

Firstly, EBA invited academic elites from all fields, including academic alliance members, honorary professors and principals who donned their robes to attend this summit. EBA also hired the famous tailors from the UK to create the exclusive academic gowns for invited academic elites. They then formed the “Academic Elite Team”, who were showcased and introduced to attendants as recognition of their contribution to the academic world. Another highlight is that the Summit of Leaders 2018 and the Socrates Award are both broadcasted live on TV for the first time, so global citizens are able to participate in this grand event.

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai is also one of the entrepreneurs invited to speak at the Summit of Leaders. She shared her appreciation for the award, and keys to becoming a good leader at the conference. Her hard-hitting words won passionate applause from the audience present. Lai was also given the Business Triumph Awards by EBA at the Socrates Award 2018. This award was given by EBA to Lai at the Business Triumph and European Awards Night in Cannes, France on 5 October. Lai was unable to attend the latter, therefore handed the award at the Socrates Award 2018.

“I am especially thankful to EBA for the award. The year 2018 has been a busy but special one for me and for Monspace. The company has achieved our business goals this year, successfully expanded into new fields with great results,” said Lai.

“I’ve always believed that leaders should have the conviction that they can make a difference in the world. Your decisions can bring great change for the world. Beyond confidence, this shows a relentless pursuit of excellence, a vital quality of good leaders.” “I thank the team for standing by me in the past 4 years. You have turned the impossible possible, saw troubles as challenges, and it’s because of your perseverance that Monspace is where it is today. It’s the reason I’m able to receive this award!” Lai’s exceptional leadership and personal achievements also got her selected to represent EBA at an international conference by ECOSOC. Lai also announced at the Summit of Leaders that EBA is now officially a member of ECOSOC.

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