Molecular Hydrogen Water Tablets Gaining Widespread Attention for Being the Biggest Nutritional Breakthrough of the Century

AquaH2 Molecular Hydrogen Water Tablets boast an extraordinary amount of essential health benefits and are completely safe to use.

October 7, 2016 – The AquaH2 Molecular Hydrogen Water Tablets are the latest breakthrough in the field of nutrition science. The therapeutic benefits of Molecular Hydrogen have been proven thanks to numerous scientific studies, and these tablets introduce it in a supplemental form.

Nearly 3.6 billion years back, Molecular Hydrogen was the original energy source for Primordial cellular life. It did so by fueling the metabolic processes and protecting cellular life from the hostile environment that Earth used to be in. Needless to say, without Molecular Hydrogen, life would not exist. Now, health researchers worldwide are rediscovering these benefits in scientific studies. Currently, there are over 700 research papers, consisting of both human and animal studies, proving that Molecular Hydrogen can benefit nearly every facet of human physiology, especially at the cellular level.

Carrying the groundbreaking Molecular Hydrogen formula, there are several benefits that the AquaH2 tablets offer. These tablets are known for supporting mitochondrial ATP production, increasing body energy at cellular level, building endurance for strenuous physical exercise, helping in the reduction of excessive oxidative damage, decreasing the formation of lactic acid in muscles, preventing early fatigue, protecting against micro-injury, as well as supporting rapid recovery.

Several renowned athletes have endorsed the tablets. The most prominent of all is Daniel Hill, the Professional IFBB Bodybuilder and Fitness Model. According to Hill, “[AquaH2 is] the best endurance and recovery supplement I have ever experienced. I recommend it to everybody that wants to intensify their training.” Hill is a 3 time German Overall National Bodybuilding Champion as well as an Overall Bodybuilding World Champion.

Other notable athletes who are regular AquaH2 users include Kane Waselenchuk, the number #1 ranked racquetball player in the world; Scott Shafer, 3 time Japan Open Singles Racquetball Champion; and Geraldine Finegan, the veteran 6 Time World Champion in a wide range of gymnastics.

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