Dr. David Tian, Top Dating Coach Shares How Any Man Can Have the Courage to Start a Conver-sation with Women

Sometimes more men would prefer to do physically taxing jobs than talk to a woman. Some would rather endure a root canal than approach a woman. Not all men know how to approach a woman and just casually start a conversation out of nowhere.

For some men this is a difficult feat. Several questions come to mind. Where is a good place to meet women? How should you start the conversation? How do you keep it going on? How do you signify interest without being to needy?

Meet Dr. David Tian. He’s among the top dating coaches in the world and has such an extensive background and experience in helping out men with their dating and love lives. Dr. Tian was born in Taiwan and raised in the US and Canada. He obtained a Ph.D. in Asian Cultures and Philosophy from the University of Michigan. He then moved to Singapore to accept a professorship in the Department of Philosophy in the National University of Singapore. In addition, he has held fellowships from several prestigious universities and institutions.

He leads Aura Transformation and has provided advice and coaching to men and women all over the world. With his academic achievements, diverse background, and over a decade of experience coaching – he brings us expert, no nonsense advice on dating and women.

Dr. Tian picks questions from Aura Transformation’s private Facebook group, and answers these questions with a series of video shows called “Man Up: Masculinity for the Intelligent Man.” Dr Tian often addresses one of the most commonly asked questions, which is “How to start a conversation with a woman?”

What Dr. Tian says about this is, “So don’t just talk to the girl because she’s attractive. Train yourself to talk to everyone. Get really good at just talking to everyone.” He emphasizes the importance of not just talking to women. It’s about getting used to starting conversations with people in general.

He further adds, “Get in the habit of training your brain to be social. That’s the key. Become a social man.” He further discusses this in his courses and his Man-Up video. You may check his website to view more resources on this topic.

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