Franco Esteve’s Single, “The Wait” Dominates Music Airwaves!

Cala Ratjada, Baleares, Spain – July 7th, 2017 – A new classical music single label “The Wait” by Franco Esteve, has just been released into the music scene. This single hit which is already drawing large audiences has also begun to receive rave reviews by those who know quality music when they hear and see one.

Franco Esteve, who is not new in the music world, is known to create music that penetrates the soul, and which touches the humanity of his admirers and listeners. His brand of music captivates his listeners and audiences, as it evokes the universal emotion in them. “The Wait” is an excellent creation by this rare gem of a musician, who has carved a particular niche for himself, just like Elton John.

Recently, a Music Review Magazine, Jamsphere Magazine, had said the following about Franco Esteve: “To say his music is cinematic is all too obvious and Esteve’s ability to create simple and emotive musical narratives is a rare gift to be admired…Esteve’s music has a universal appeal that will attract audiences of many cultures and musical tastes.” This is a genuine and unbiased attestation to this music icon’s ingenuity in creating world-class music that has placed him among the greats of the world music scene.

Another Music Magazine reviewer, Tunedloud, has this to say of this musical giant:  “Esteve surprised me with his concise musical narrative that draws influences from neoclassical, minimalist and contemporary classical and traditional styles.” You can listen to “The Wait,” and find more information on the CDBaby Store. It is also available on iTunes, Amazon, and on all the main music streaming services and online stores.

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Here is what Franco Esteve says of his creative musical compositions: “For me, composing music is a process of exploration, which is why I’m so drawn to it. There are so many places to visit and explore and express. A lot of my music is composed as an expression of my short films, like soundtracks, as a live entity within a story. Sometimes, the music gets drawn from life itself.

“The Wait,” is a classical style piece of music that reflects waiting and anticipation, characteristic of humanity – that of unrealized longing for the satisfaction that remains elusive. It got written out of insomnia and the permanent incapacity to sleep. Esteve here recreates something he struggled with throughout his life. He drew a lot of ideas that flowed from those hours he fought to fall asleep but could not. “The Wait” is a direct product of that anxious waiting for sleep to come, while time ticked away, without the realization of that expectation – a realization that as the time ticked away, it became apparent that sleep would not come.

These moments were reflected by Esteve’s employment of varying orchestral elements in the creation of “The Wait” – a great creative attempt with the violin’s pizzicato ticking away, as other elements creep in,” and “the mind races in the darkness.”

About Franco Esteve:

Franco is a multifaceted fellow – a Writer, Photographer, Artist, Composer, and Filmmaker. He expresses himself in many ways and through different media. Born in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, Franco Esteve is as varied as any multi-talented fellow could be. He won the Indie Fest Award of Merit in 2015 – Best Original Score – Consequence, The Doll Chronicles Soundtrack.

His multicultural upbringing throughout the United States and Europe led to his adoption of the concept of everywhere and nowhere for his views of life, origin, and culture. The same has applied to his professional life as well, covering a multitude of disciplines, feeding his thirst for knowledge and expression.

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